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This is my first creepypasta I've ever made. Hope all of you enjoy! =)

Part 1

I'm a custom map maker (non-texture packs) that people quite know about me. I wanted this time, to change my maps. I search on Minecraft Forums for some texture packs.

Something quite interested me, the " " texture pack. Downloaded it, paste it into the "My World". It's the time to test it out.

The world blanked, all displays the same color - RED. "I didn't choose superflat." I thought. In far away, I saw a little black Minecraft figure standing. I press Tab. No one except me. I come in closer.

Someone talked to me in the chat.

< > Is it fun enjoying the pack?

<LotG> (my username) Uh...

< > No?

<LotG> Yes. It's quite nice tho. What's your name?

< > You don't need to know about me.

I didn't finish writing, he said:

< > (Bold, dark red) Do you want to play a game?

<LotG> Yes.

I was so foolish when chose that, he/she teleported me into a skyblock, the sky was in black, now changed to white. I saw them in distance, their name showed.

<dakslcf> A PvP game, get your material,who lost will DIE.

I scared.

I tried to quit.

The "Save and Quit" turned into "There's no way back."

The "Achievements" turned bloody, nearly scattered, only one achievement appeared: "The Fate". I hovered in, said "Win or DIE".

The "Open to LAN" disappeared.

<dakslcf> Where are you going?

<dakslcf> The game hasn't even started yet.

<LotG> Let me go!

<dakslcf> It's hopeless.

I played the game. He had a enchanted diamond sword. I died in one single hit. I respawned.

<dakslcf> You lost the game, now you are going to die because of your weakness.

Minecraft has crashed. Neither my electricity.

My room turned red. I heard high-pitched screaming through my speakers. I locked my ears, crying while the screaming is still on.

After a while, I managed my courage to get my dad's hammer in the basement to smash that PC.

Part 2

It's about a year since this has been going on. I finally got enough money to buy a full gaming set for myself.

I installed Minecraft again, but this time it's completely new, he finally introduce him as a hacker, who has been watching me for like, 3 years. When he saw me plays Minecraft, he decided to put a prank on me. He replaced my launcher with an alternative one, and results as the story up there.

He said he's my best friend from the time I was leaving my old school ( you know what, I'm not gonna tell my flashback )

So me and him turn back playing Minecraft with the REAL resources pack, while making maps with him.

The End.

Note: Little know that, the " " resource pack was a virus that only affects my computer. Anyone else installed it experienced nothing.