Hey guys. What I'm about to tell you is 150% true (that extra 50% is so that people can satisfy their doubt).


So basically, me and my family were about to move into this huge, new house that we just reserved. When we pay the last rent money for our current property, we are going to move to the house. But that might just be delayed, a bit. The new house was empty, and was right across from my parents' friend, who's conveniently a realtor.

Garage Issues

Now, here is where stuff start to get weird. My parents have been checking the house in and out for quite a while. Today (the day I posted this), my parents picked up me and my sister from school. My mom told me we were going to see our new house. We have seen it from the outside, but never inside. My dad already had the garage opener device in the car. When we reached the house, my dad tapped on the button. The garage didn't open. He pressed it again. Nothing. My dad tried a couple more times, before asking us to get out of the car. He said we can just look at the outside and the backyard, which was fine with me. Now, when I went to the backyard, I immediately noticed two things. First, there was this weird metal pole that seemed to have two extendable ends, probably a clothes hanger, but it was rusted and broken. Second, the plug for the porch lights was unplugged and torn a bit. All the doors were locked, and my dad didn't have the keys at the moment. The only door that was unlocked was the side one, into the garage. The garage lights wouldn't turn on for some reason. We took a look in there, and there was obviously nothing. Then, we went into the little workshop room attached.

Workshop Room

My heart might've stopped when I saw the room with marks and tears on the wall, all ruined. I didn't pay much attention to it after, though. It was a workshop after all, right? Me and my dad went back to the backyard, but I noticed that there were dark marks, probably shoeprints, on the carpet past a sliding glass door. When I called my dad, he slid the door. He was a bit shocked, claiming to have locked it the last time he came. We entered the house, and went into the kitchen. My dad tried to flick a switch, but the lights wouldn't turn on. He thought that maybe the "house people" switched off the electricity for our house, since no one was paying a bill. For some reason, the oven was smashed. In the room behind the kitchen, the chandelier was broken. There were also tears and marks everywhere, including the ceiling. The central electricity panel was in this room too, and it had been broken, wires torn and all. At the point I was like, nopenopenopenopenopenope and scrambled out of the house. My dad called the realtor and a couple other people, while I was swearing to myself, both because of the vandalized house and the fact that we might have to live in the crapshed I live in even longer. My parents took another look at the house, while I, too scared to do anything, stayed in the car and played Geometry Dash.

My interpretation is that some crackheads broke in, since our valubles coming from Saudi Arabia were scheduled to be placed there on Friday, December 4th. Thank god that they were 3 days too early, or who knows what would happen.

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