About 3 weeks ago I was playing on a server, I have been playing on this server since around September 2013 and I was the only person online when it came up with an odd message in chat, "Enjoying yourself," It was rather odd as the message disappeared from chat about 5 seconds after it appeared, I clicked tab to see who was online and I saw my characters face replaced with black eyes for about a second before the game crashed, I reloaded minecraft and emailed the creator of the server but he said it must have been a hacker but the thing is when I went back on my game started spazzing and glitching and where it had once said Magnito2005 had said the game it said 101 will be back. After about 15 seconds of this I closed minecraft and reloaded my laptop, I then tried to reopen the server and it said 'This address is invalid 101 101 101 101'.

The server still hasn't came back online.

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