Hello there! Welcome to the first Minecraft Creepypasta Competition where wiki users will fght for the win and try to make the best Minecraft Creepypasta ever made! SCP-Deadlock, the lead manager of the MC-CC, has agreed to make this competition!


How to Participate

It's easy! You just have to make a page then have some words on the very first content saying, "This pasta is a participant of the 1st Minecraft Creepypasta Competition. Made by <insert your name here". And add it to the category "Creepypasta Competition." There are some restrictions, however, so note it and follow the rules. Also comment down below to participate. First, say "I participate" and you are officially a participant. Second, make a creepypasta and make sure you follow the jnstructions above. Third, wait for the results.


Here are the (following) judge/s of the Competition:

  • SCP-Deadlock - Lead Judge
  • Themaster401 - Lead Judge

How to Become a Judge

Simply follow the requirements to become a judge:

  • Signed in with an account
  • Made three creepypastas
  • Respected by at least one user
  • Respect staff
  • Never vandalize pages (we can see your edits via the Recent wiki History)

If you lack the requirements it means that you cannot become a judge of the competition.


Here are the following rules for the competition:

Creepypasta Rules

  • Do not steal others' creepypasta by adding it to the "Creepypasta Categories" and editing the pasta.
  • Do not use sockpuppet accounts
  • Copyright laws are allowed
  • Add any other category (such as Dramapasta, Creepypasta, and Trollpasta) rather than "Creepypasta Competition"

Rule violation may lead to ban.

Competition Rules

  • Follow the Creepypasta Rules above
  • Do not vandalize any creepypasta just to get a win. We can see your edits.
  • Do not use more than one account just to support a creepypasta made by yourself.
  • Make sure you have an account to have a higher chance of victory.


Do we need to participate?

If you really needed to, then yes. There will be rewards and stuff and things.

What's the point of participating these competitions?

The point is that you will be known as a great creepypasta maker. You will recieve rewards and such if you are the winner

Why do I need to have an account on participation?

It is required if you want to have a more legitimate victory or if you want to participate. This is also required to every wiki every now and then so the bans and IP bans can be much less common or something. This will also keep track of the pastas you create so get along with it.

Do we really have to participate?

If you want to participate, then of course! If no, then that's a no.

I want to be a Judge, but how can I get respected by staff?

To get respected, you actually have to have an account so people that use this wiki can remember you. Then what you have to do is to help the staff with stuff. Although this wiki is less busy than I thought it would be, I think you will have a bad time getting respected.

Oh! I just took over a really good creepypasta from someone! Is that allowed?

No, just no. Because that is an illegitimate way to win. Of course you'll get IP banned for that.

Feel free to ask more questions down below.


First Placer

Promotion from current Staff Rank

Lead Judge for the next Pasta Competition

Second Placer

Judge for the next Pasta Competition

Third Placer

Becoming a Judge in the next Pasta Competition.

Participants - Creepypasta

  • WaffleDinosaur
  • Hazardguy43
  • Randomnoob48888 - A Friend
  • Yoshfico123 - Artiopas
  • AOTRand
  • TinyToast - The Blood Golem

Messages from the Staff and Judges

SCP-Deadlock has agreed on making this first competition, so I made the page myself :) -Raddish Gaming, Content Moderator

No one wants to participate? Because if that is it, I'll say that putting up this competition is pointless. -Raddish Gaming, Content Moderator


Please have fun and let the competition begin!

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