I was just sitting in my world, doing good progress, when all the villagers in the nearby village just disappeared. A weird structure was in the village, I just thought it was a malformed building, I went inside. Bang! TNT exploded. I died. A messaged appeared saying "killed by entity234.langJavaError"

I thought it was a Java error. Then I freaked out when the chat began saiding messages

Java.error.entity234 will!

Java.error.entity234 kill!

Java.error.entity234 you!

Then my computer slowed down and my computers clock said a number 2:34 PM

I whirring noise occured and minecraft crashed. A program, not Minecraft opened up.

JavaError.exe: you

JavaError.exe: will

JavaError.exe: feel

JavaError.exe: my

JavaError.exe: wrath!!!

Then the program closed and minecraft opened up.

The crash report said

Entity 234:(summoned object successfully)

Entity 234:(JavaLangOverload)

I freaked out and deleted that world and so far Entity234 has not appeared since

Signs of Entity234

-weird structures with traps

-weird clicking noises

-mobs disappearing

-crashing and messages

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