This is some quality pasta!
You are looking at a well-written and chilling story. Do not edit unless it needs to be done or you are the author.

The Pasta

I was playing Minecraft PE with mods recently, and something weird happened. I only had the "Mini Nether" mod installed and I built a portal to the nether. I looked around and found some Zombie Pigmen. Soon, I got bored and decided to go home. I entered the portal and found myself at the bottom of the world. Thinking this to be some sort of a glitch, I flew up and saw some light. I went to the light and saw a strange sign which said "66" on it. Since then I have been finding explosions all over my world and seeing strange figures in the distance. The figures have a nameplate that says "Why". If you have had similar experiences please leave information in the comments below.

Update 1

I have since deleted the world and made a new one. Nothing happened on that world, but today I created a new world, and found that the strange figure appeared. I am going to attempt to make contact with it.

Update 2

I have attempted to make contact with the figure, but failed. I then deleted that world and made a new one. It had no strange things and no strange figures, but I think I might see him again.

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