After, I encountered the weird account with the name, 'Username666', I downloaded Minecraft again, clicked muiltiplayer, and started playing on Hypixel. It was only black, then he returned. I found myself in the Nether with the Evoker. I had an iron axe and so quickly killed the Evoker.

My game crashed. When I opened Minecraft again, in the launcher it said 'Removed 666.' I clicked Play. When it loaded, I clicked Muiltiplayer. There was a server called, '666'

I joined the server. It was black. Then:

UserName666 joined the game

<UserName666> Why you are still playing minecraft?

<Me> For an unknown reason

<UserName666> 666

UserName666 Left The Game

Then all of a sudden, my computer crashed.

I turned back on the screen it said 666 66 66 666 666 666. I opened GTA V but it crashed. I tried playing HλLF-Life but it crashed. I tried playing Counter-Strike but that also crashed, and then I clicked on the Minecraft icon my computer crashed and said 666. it didn't open again.

(This my second creepypasta.)

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