I was just searching on the web when I found a website called Happiest Fun.It allowed you to get premium Minecraft without cost.I then opened Minecraft to play on a world.I noticed some strange happenings however.There were hordes of zombies attacking villages,I was unable to reside in them.I knew something was strange,it was on easy,not hard.I knew anagrams was it,it was in possibly every creepypasta about the famous Minecraft stuff.I don't believe in them,but this was real.I put in the possible anagrams off Happiest Fun,and one that caught my eye was Eisenfaust.I had to look it up,but it was the secret plan to mass create a army of mutants.These mutants resemble zombies in Minecraft,this was what was going on.With an idea of the events,I returned to Minecraft.The invasion has gotten worst,with the zombies everywhere,not burning in the sun.I knew this was weird,I looked in my files for Happiest Fun Minecraft.I found a file called EISENFAUSTENT.With the evidence,I started a thread on the forums.Everyone thought it was a joke,another hoax.I was alone to remove this.

DISCLAIMER:This is not real,I do not take any responsibility if you think its real.

CREDITS:Wolfenstein 3D

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