There was once a time in Creepypasta Wiki where users could write video game creepypastas to their heart's limit. That was a long time ago, over 2.5 years in fact. Minecraft and a few others had all their creepypastas wiped, with the exception of Herobrine. A site administrator had linked to this wiki in a post for people who still wanted to write a Minecraft creepypasta. So in early 2013, I was one of those people. I watched the website grow. I wrote stories that may have been garbage, but I was trying to write a story at least. Then one day, War.

There was a new genre of stories on this wiki: trollpastas. There was also just pages with spam and whatnot. These pages started stacking up, overpowering the content that is the creepypasta. So one day, I hit the limit. The first bomb had blew up right in front of everyone. Like Creepypasta Wiki does, I started marking trollpastas and spam pages with "Candidate for deletion". This, however, might've hurt some people who spent lots of time on them. Then people started claiming I was vandalizing pages. This wasn't true. I only marked them for review by LifeUpStudios to see if they should be deleted. Two sides were created: the quote-en-quote "anti-troll/spam side", which was supposedly my side, and the supporters of some of the trollpastas. The thing was, I had no idea about the vandalizing claims and the war. Then, in February, I decided to leave Minecraft Creepypasta wiki for some time.

In July, I came back to the wiki. And dear god, I had missed a ton. The good thing was, the flame war was pretty much over. There were misunderstandings. I corrected as much as I could. There were probably over 50 pages of spam or trollpastas. I'm didn't and am not going to touch them. And that's the story of this wiki.

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