Author Note:

link to first/the first page of the eye of the soviet east:

after the eotse (after the eye of the soviet east) is a story in the barkian year 1000 5 human years from now

the beginning

the barkian goverment (tbg) is in court

Judge: Barkians vs MCP-General

MCP-General's lawyer not guilty

Barkians shout: THE MCP-General must be destroyed [50 times]

MCP-General and his lawyer are sended into the Barkian Federal Prison

makes the MCP-General get the order of the eotse to invade the Barkian Federal

the Barkian Federal Army and the KittyNation Army and the United Nations of Bark Nation Army destroy the order of the eotse

the universes

the Barkian Federal and KittyNation and United Nations of Bark Nation (UNoBN) get races from 5 other universes and they formed the united forces of the 5 universes (UFoT5U)

and they attack Entity 303 and more but they forced the MCP-General to death but it nerver happened so the eotse reformed

2 Author Note

i will post a link to the eye of the soviet east (eotse) soon and the story will be started again

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