Albino Stalker

I...I don't have much time. You have to help me! He's coming!

On NightFyre

I was playing on a server I like, NightFyre. I was just building in creative plots and I was the only person online. Suddenly, without anything popping up in chat to announce that a player had joined, a strange conversation started. This dudes' name wasn't even possible to have in the game and he seemed to be able to change it. He also flew while typing. So, here is the conversation:

[Moderator]<HyperStanners>How the flaming 
drongo did you get a name like that??!
<Albino-Stalker>Oh, this is bad?
<Albino Stalker>This better?
[Moderator]<HyperStanners>What the...?
<Albino Stalker>No?
[Moderator]<HyperStanners>I guess but HOW?
<AlbinoStalker>Will you be my friend?
<AlbinoStalker>Hey I think I live near you

We built together for a while but he was starting to creep me out.

<AlbinoStalker>We should meet in real life!
[Moderator]HyperStanners>Uh I have to go
<AlbinoStalker>No! We are having so much fun!
<AlbinoStalker>LIAR! I HATE​ YOU!
HyperStanners has left the game.
<AlbinoStalker>Friend! Come back!!!

On Singleplayer

I joined a survival world I had. It was not open to LAN. I started building my new house. When suddenly, the trees around me where all set on fire at the same time. This came up in the chat:

<AlbinoStalker>YOU LEFT ME! WHY?!

How did he join? And why didn't the game tell he joined?

<HyperStanners>I had to go!
<AlbinoStalker>I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!
<AlbinoStalker>LIAR! LIAR! DIE IN A FIRE!
<HyperStanners>What the flaming drongo?

I saw him! He rushed towards me!

<AlbinoStalker>KNOCK KNOCK

When he said that, there was actually a knock at my door. I ignored it, and there hasn't been another one since. Suddenly, my game crashed. As I reloaded it, the message by Minecraft said "You left me!". A coincidence?

On Spinkour

Three weeks later, I was playing another server I like, Spinkour. I was trying to complete the red parlour when this happened:

<AlbinoStalker>Hello again.

I turned around and he was right behind me! He punched me - which isn't meant to be possible in Spinkour - and I fell off the map and died. But instead of a respawn button, it said " Prepare. I'm coming for you. You are NOT MY FRIEND!


I ran upstairs and locked all the doors to confuse him. I was the only one home. I grabbed my laptop and went onto this wiki. My friend Stanners borrowed my laptop and forgot to sign out. I set up this page but before I could type, the door to the house smashed in. I typed as fast as I could, my fingers are bleeding and a fingernail has fallen off. As I type this I heard light feet jogging up the stairs. He's fiddling with the lock to my room, knowing I'm here even though I'm not making a sound. He's in! I need to publish! HELP ME! YOU HAVE TO -HELP!!!!!!!

To be continued...