EnderGamer27 here. I'm a minecraft player. You may think minecraft is a wonderful universe, but, this is not the game you think this is...

Sep 2 2014

The day of 1.8 Update in minecraft. Pretty exciting, isn't it?

My friends say that there is this new player model called "Alex" and has a new skin.

I wasn't really on board with this new update about the girl skin, but I WAS excited about the new stuff coming in.

So I searched for a free update version of minecraft 1.8, and found a link about minecraft 1.8 free update.

So I clicked the link and downloaded it, and it was about 1.1 GB, which I thought minecraft only was about MBs.

After about some time, minecraft fully downloaded, and I was pretty excited.

I opened it, and everything seemed normal. So I created my first world with a seed like "Llololo" and I loaded up.

I spawned on a plain biome with my usual enderbot skin, and I was on survival mode since I didn't turn on the cheats and creative mode.

So I started gathering dirt and started chopping some wood. Then I had enough wood planks to build my own house and tools. I also put a path of cobblestone so I wouldn't get lost.

So now I'm at a cave mining a few blocks away from my house, and so far I got 4 iron ores and 2 redstone.

I came out of there happily and started heading for my house.

When I reached there, I was shocked to see an Alex skin and model player standing in front of my doorstep, doing nothing. It only chatted with me.

<Alex>Hey there!

<EnderGamer27>Who are you?!?

<Alex>Oh. I'm Alexandra, but you can call me Alex.

<EnderGamer27>Oh ok. How'd you get here?

<Alex>I just got here. Why?

Now this is getting ridiculous. "She" wouldn't tell me how she got here.

<EnderGamer27>Ugh, forget it.

<Alex>Do you want to build something?

<EnderGamer27>Uhh, ok?

Right then Alex got some wooden planks and started building right away.

<EnderGamer27>Woah, you build fast.

<Alex>Thx, Ender.

After about 12 minutes, she built a 6 blocks tall statue of herself, which I thought it might take 60 minutes for me to build it.


<Alex>Thx again Ender.

<Alex>Hey, you wouldn't mind if we can play for a while here, right?

<EnderGamer27>I don't.

And so we began to have fun. We chased some pigs, fought some mobs and visited some villages.

<Alex>We should go fight the Ender Dragon

<EnderGamer27>Okay, then.

So we located the nearest stronghold and we won fighting the Ender dragon, but something was not right:

Except of the credits that showed when you kill the Ender dragon, there were only sentences with red font:


There was only YES and NO buttons, and I couldn't quit. I thought this wasn't Alex and it was some sort of a troll hacking us, so I clicked NO.

Suddenly I spawned back and Alex spammed the chat.






<Alexandra>now I'm here, betrayed, sad and broken hearted. Because of you, I've turned into a devil, a darkness, a destroyer, a killer, now I will kill you.

Then Alex, who has a different skin before, changed into a more darker skin. Her eyes were demonic red, and she began crying blood. Her cloths were darkened, and so did her cold lip.

I grabbed my sword just in case if she attacked.

<Alex>Wise choice

And she crashed my game. I don't know how you do that, but it was kind of strange. I locked my room door just to be safe.

Right then when I turned around, I heard glass shatter, and I fell down to the ground, paralyzed as a shadow of a woman covered me...

Sequel Comming Soon! (Alexandra: Oriadoniras)