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Minecraft? Such a wonderful game, but hides something you shouldn't know. Don't read this if your doing a survival series ALONE.

I was so glad to see that the Minecraft Pocket Edition workers released the new 0.16 beta update, since I'm not allowed to use my parents' credit card, I just installed the new beta version of the game using its' application package/apk instead.

I was like "Woohoo! Yeah!". I did first started a creative world to check what's new. Guardians, NPCs, Commands and more!

One night, the time was 7:06 when I started a survival my new survival world, the world's size was 3.6 MB. I started cutting down trees and crafting wooden tools as what survival world beginners usually do.

I survived a night by hiding under the grass, yet because my house still not complete. Placed my bed, then sleeped. I woke up and started chopping more wood, my home was between a taiga and a forest biome near a river.

As I explore, my tools were getting improved, some of my tools like the shovel are stone now. When it's getting sunset. I saw a 6x3 tunnel. I thought it's a part of the world gen, but I was wrong. I started to feel someone's watching me on a far distance. I don't know why or how I felt that. I went home cuz the dark skies starting to come.

I slept and woke up, I finished my house, I started cutting more trees down, because I'm planning to expand my house. I got 3 stacks of 64 oak wood and I got 46 spruce, I started crafting boat an stuff that requires wood.

It's night again, time to sleep. But I noticed someone was watching me from the distance, I thought it's just a zombie or skeleton, so I took a screenshot of it for SURE. But when I woke up I was on my house's roof, when I tap a control. The game crashed, I opened the game and the world's size was 6.66 MB, I opened the world, but it was corrupted. I opened my world's game files, my world was reamed into 0b instead of Genesis.

Then I found a text file named "86fc8cc", I opened it with HTML viewer, the text was 7:06. Then I realized that 7:06. 6th hour and 66 mins. 6:66...And the first world size is also connected. 3x6? probably not 18 but...666.

As I analyzed the image, a faceless Steve wearing a dark-coloured hoodie, it may look like a wood but in the original shot, it's more terrifying.

Screenshot 20160914-203425~2

A poor quality backup of the original image. You may not see it clearly but you can notice there's a sign stem like on the distance.


Sequel.... coming soon...

  • Screenshot 20160914-203425~2

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