About ArypibaX

ArypibaX is a "Human" mob according to the legends, ArypibaX has much power and people will think its a neutral mob, until...


I found something pretty horryifing today, let me tell you what

I did start minecraft as Always, i didn't play singleplayer for a while so i tought wouldn't it be funny if i would try hardcore mode? I did create a singleplayer world in Hardcore mode, but i did spawn at a block high in the sky, it was a grass block. i did jump down and of course i died,i did respawn and everything did look fine, the grass block was gone. It was day, so i could easily find some wood and build a house, but again something did scare the shit out of me, random mobs started to burn, i did kill them while burning so i got some coocked steaks, but still, it was strange... anyways i did contineu, until got teleported to a jungle tree, and i saw a netherrack platuea with the burning words: DIE, i did left my world and decided to go on my friends server, which was a giant mistake! i was OP, i tought the server was whitelisted, but:

ArypibaX joined the game

<Unknown1User> How are you

<ArypibaX> Welcome...

<Unknown1User> Wutt?

It turned to night, how?!

<ArypibaX> Wanna hear my story?

A message in chat appeared:

Yes No

I did click Yes, because i tought its just a story nothing harmfull

But i was WRONG

<ArypibaX> Alright, I once was a minecraft player like you, i managed to create the human, but mojang said the Human was a shitty mob so they removed it very fast, Jeb and Notch said they would promote me if i would come with a good idea, but if i didn't come with any good idea,s...'

<Unknown1User> They would?

<ArypibaX> Demote me, i did come with a Force OP tool for Mojang workers, all thye did was implent it under their credits and fire me... As Revenge i would OP myself on some servers, and grief them, the Tool also did allow me to join singleplayer worlds, where i could grief like i did in your world.

<Unknown1User> ouch

I tried to disconnect

<ArypibaX> WAIT! I am not finished yet...

<ArypibaX> I did become a feared legend on minecraft, but that wasn't enough for me, i would strike the mojang office as the final battle, i would destroy minecraft, and rest in peace, NOW i am going to strike the office, minecraft will be MINE! But for now, say farewell to your server!


You are not the first, and not the last... -ArypibaX

it said, after that the server was gone from my serverlist and i couldnt add it again.

He is Always watching us, i hear a knock at the door, i won't come back! The door goes open! THERE I

This mortal has died! I am coming for you soon enough, YOU'RE THE NEXT!