Attention guys. This is a urgent message page, not a wiki history or a creepypasta.

ThatGuyEntity has declared Cyber War against this wiki and his, whether we like it or not. I will convince people to not join him as a anoymous user, since I was blocked. I will likely tell the wikia staff and end this future war for good. This lunatic derserves to not create a wiki, and deserves to be blocked in every wiki. If none of the guys join him, we got luck. If he has, we need to get ready. I will be a spy to the enemy wiki and investigate. I will report soon. I strongly believe no one would join him, but if they does, we will show him who we really are! We are not trollers! We are not Vandals! He is! I had recently spammed his wiki due to saying me bad words. I can get easily angry, so bad luck for him. He is recently offline from his own wiki. Recently bad news: People are joining. We need to set a trap. We need to get the last laugh in the end!

Note: It's already over for your information, people