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So, one day I was playing a single player world by myself. When I saw a strange figure hiding behind a tree. They had no skin except for glowing eyes. I figured it was just a enderman so I went into my mine to get resources. But then it appeared again, standing near the entrance to a mineshaft. I ran up to it with my sword when suddenly, the game crashed when I got close. I logged back on the world and, to my horror, my house was on fire. The entire forest was burning. The entity appeared again. "I WILL KILL YOU FOR THIS!" I shouted. I shot it with a power three bow but nothing happened. Then it vanished. Then a random explosion happened and I died. I spawned deep underground with bedrock walls around me. Then the world closed and it said my game has run out of memory. I exited the game and reloaded. All my other worlds were deleted except for my one world. I went back on and none of it was left except for one bedrock block. The entity was in front of me. He typed 368436996302859362301467348. I was terrified. After that my game crashed and sent me to the title screen. I relogged. All my worlds were back but they were all corrupt. Some I spawned high in the sky with no way of getting down. Some I spawned underground surrounded by bedrock. Some I couldn't even join at all. I sent something about this error to mojang get but they never replied so I looked at the games code. I saw a folder that said "avaj.EXE". I looked in it and all I found were random numbers. I translated them and they said this: "fool, I can't be destroyed, you have no hope left for your computer, I will break it." As soon as I finished reading my windows logged me off. When I logged back on, everything was corrupted. The background was a glitchy mess. All my files were replaced with Avaj.exe and my computer was super laggy. I logged on to mine craft and I realized I had to destroy this thing before it gets to the real me. I tried to delete the world it started in but it wouldnt let me. Then I went to McAfee and tried to delete all the folders but I couldnt. Then that night when I went to bed, something ran across my room. I pulled out my pistol and shot at it multiple times. Then I realized, "the computer, its the only way to get rid of it!" I destroyed the computer and that morning, everything was normal. I bought a new computer and its normal. I will never forget my experience with that being I call, AVAJ. I

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