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Odd Occurances

I loaded up a new Minecraft world like I tend to do. I never really stick with one world for some reason. I kind of like just starting fresh each time I start the game.. Anyway, I started up a world and began just exploring. My goal for this world was not to build a house or anything, just explore and find stuff.

I explored for a few minutes when I saw the sun beginning to go down. I haven't found anything yet, so I decided to dig out a hole and sit in it for the night. I looked down, dug 3 blocks down and filled in the hole above me. I then went AFK so I don't have to wait for daytime just sitting in a 2x1, pitch black hole. I come back 5 minutes later and dug out the top of the hole. That's strange.. it's still night. I try to find where the moon is, and I see it's only just beginning to rise.

Thinking it's just a bug or I was gone longer than I thought, I dug back down and waited some more. I dug myself out 5 minutes later again and I see it's midday. Well, better than night, I thought.

I covered up the hole and continued on my way. I saw a village off in the distance, and it began to get dark again, so I ran to it. When I got close, my game began to have major frame-rate issues. I didn't know why; I never usually get issues with my frame-rate. The closer I got to the village the worse my frame-rate got. By the time I reached the village, my frame-rate was unbearable. My game crashed afterward.

I re-logged to find the village on fire. I thought it was a lava-lake at first, but I saw no lakes around. My game crashed again, and when I reloaded, the village was completely fine. No fire or lava in sight, except for in the blacksmith building. My game crashed a third time, and when I reloaded, I was somewhere completely different.

Unknown Land

I had appeared in a small, empty cave. There was no way out. I had a pick, but it was close to breaking, and my workbench was no longer in my inventory. I saw some dirt on the ground, and I decided to dig into it. It revealed a long drop into a lava lake.

Being unable to escape, unless I spent an hour trying to dig through the stone with my fists, I jumped into the lava. I started burning, but instead of hearing the usual, repeating pain sound, I heard a loud and distorted shriek. When I died, the UI that usually came up was different. Instead of a background that said "You died!" followed by the score and the respawn/title screen buttons, there was the normal dirt background with a giant "BEGIN" button in the middle of the screen.

I pressed it, and what I saw afterward nearly made me want to burn my computer and run away from home.

Everything was completely flat. The floor was made from Netherrack. The sky was blood red. Scattered around me are mobs, except on their sides and covered in large and deep scratches and thick coats of blood. The dead mobs stretched on for miles. I saw a village in the distance, but it looked completely destroyed and ruined. All audio was replaced by a low, distorted humming noise.

In the distance, I saw what looked like a player. He looked completely black, but I wasn't sure if this was because of the fog and render distance. I saw no name tag. I hit escape and checked the menu to make sure I was still in Single Player. I was. I started heading towards the player.

The noise in the background got quieter as I approached. By the time I was at least 100 blocks from this mystery player, who was still standing completely still, just staring at me, the noise had completely stopped. Then, my character stopped moving. I couldn't look around, I couldn't open my inventory or the menu, I couldn't open the chat box, I couldn't even Alt + Tab out of the game. I was forced to stare at this player for a full minute.

Suddenly, the player extremely rapidly raced towards me. So fast, he seemed to have just teleported. He stopped what seemed like a pixel away from me. I saw his face was completely black, except for two bright red eyes. When he reached me, he emitted a loud shriek. It sounded like the same one that played when I jumped into the lava pit. I saw the "BEGIN" menu flash on my screen for a brief second before my game crashed.

In HIS Sights

I reset my game. The world I was on was deleted, and all my other worlds had their names replaced with "+}{={D]{BEGIN]}\]}[]{|)+=="

I started a new world. The name was set to |+=-ENDISNEAR[{';)) and I wasn't able to change it. The world seed was -||{[))-OBSERVING">:<>:.

I created the world. Instead of the text that usually comes up, there was simply a =-BEGINNING\>_= on the screen.

When I spawned, the ground was completely black. The sky was a dark grey, with a lighter grey blended in over the horizon. There were no mobs or trees. The audio was, again, replaced with what sounded like some music playing in reverse and was slowed down. I saw the silhouette of this player in the distance, watching me. I began walking towards him again. The more I walked, the more distorted the music got and the more distorted my screen got. I managed to take a screenshot of him before my game crashed again.

The screenshot, when I viewed it, was distorted, cropped and just looked odd. This is what it looked like.

I got back into the game and I was back where I started in this odd world. This is going to be the last time I'm restarting again. He wasn't watching me this time. I began moving towards where he was, but I saw no sign of him anywhere. There was no distortion on my screen and the music didn't seem as glitchy as it was when I starting approaching the player.

Then, lightning struck down in front of me. My game froze for a second. The game then said, "Entering the Nether", like it usually would when one would enter the Nether. When I spawned, I was standing on a small floating island, unable to move again. I saw the player standing in the distance, on an island identical to mine.

And then, he starts communicating.

A Talk with my Little Friend

(Will continue later)