This is the fifth story in Batwing4 Beckons Me. So far there will be four more sequels and possibly another side story. I will let you all know if that number changes. Check my profile for the future stories. -GREEN0704

The Preparation

We all celebrated for killing the super soldier. Of course though, it didn't last long... A wormhole opened up in front of us and glitch soldiers came pouring outl! We estimated there being around 400 or them. I clutched my sword and ran straight to them. I jammed it in like a battering ram and made a kebab of bodies in my sword. The other creepypastas were fighting for their lives. Null was taking out a few at a time while 303 took time to attack but did massive group damage. Herobrine was just shooting things. A few snuck up on me but Null had me covered and killed them. We put our backs to each other and looked around looking for openings. We destroyed any soldiers that came to close. 303 finished an attack cool down and destroyed a good part of the army. We were doing well until a blocky figure with dark power swirling around him came out. He had gray glowing eyes and bat wings accustomed to his size. It was Batwing. Batwing shot a wave of dark power knocking us all down. His soldiers grabbed me while The creepypastas got up. They carried me through the portal...

The Beggining of The End

Prison. They brought me to a minecraft prison. My hands and body are now blocky because I'm in this dimension. I was worried about Herobrine and 303 and Null... I'm fed stale bread and water once a day. I have a plan though. During lunch today, I will rally up a revolt with the other prisoners and I have already made a few allies in the guard force. It will be hard... But if I succeed... I will have an army of my own...

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