This is the 666th page on the wiki and it got me the "Chicken's Seal of Approval" Achievement so I wanted to do something very special based on an idea given to me from TheMysteriousHood.

In The Minegrade Server

3 Hackers were in the Minegrade Server knowing that this server holds many secrets for being the place Batwing4 is making his base. They invaded the code and destroyed the firewall to the core.

Thehaxer: Are we in?

Ergs: Yes!

Gregorx: Cool!

Thehaxer: Uuuuuhhhhh....

Ergs: What?

Thehaxer: You don't wanna come in here...

Ergs: O_O Wow I am speechless... U gatta see this man...

Gregorx: What the...

They saw pictures depicting Batwing4's afterlife. It shows how he became great friends with the devil. It shows how he came back to life. They had to tell the good guys. They were going to exit the server but the button was grayed out. A demonic voice boomed: "YOU CAN'T LEAVE YET! NOT AFTER DISCOVERING MY SECRET!

The News

" Sean... You might wanna look at this.... " Null said. "What?" I responded. She showed me a news article about how three teens all died playing minecraft. We both knew Batwing4 was responsible but they wondered why... They would never know...

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