Bedrock 1000 is a Creepypasta that has been stalking me and my friend,he looks a little bit like a block of bedrock,and he is a stalker,like Null and the older versions of Herobrine.This is my story.It began a few months ago,when I had a world with a lot of cool stuff.But when me and my friend started building an arena,he appeared.He stood on a tree,and we didn't notice him until I looked up.Bedrock 1000 was there,he didn't move or say anything(because I play the Wii U version of the game)but when we tried to get closer to him,he would turn into leaves.My friend was a bit scared,and I was too.I haven't seen him since then,but I still worry about him to this day. Update:Bedrock 1000 is getting more powerful,and he has begun laying the groundwork for his rebellion. He has also learned how to gain control of avatars,I know that because it happened to me. If you have found or have any thoughts about him,let me know. The worst news so far about Bedrock 1000 has come. Last night,me and my sister found out about an army of smokes massing up in a swamp biome.

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