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The bastardization of Behemoth

This is the story of an unbeatable boss. His only goal is to destroy every world in the game. If he moves on to servers, the game is lost.

The Battle

I was a BEAST in my world. I had gapples, enchanted diamond stuff, the lot. The calamity, however started when a purple boss bar appeared but instead of being the Wither or Ender dragon, the title was "Behemoth". He flew up in the sky, a beacon light above him and ender crystals forming around him. His skin was honestly, kinda epic. It was like a Japanese quilt, with red, black, gold and cyan swirls surrounding a cyclops eye on the body, not the head. Words flashed on the screen - die!! - and he swooped towards me with giant bat wings. I charged and we met head on. The fight lasted like five minutes but structures, mobs, kept forming around him. He had freaking 5000 health! He blasted fireballs and flew around around me, blocks getting destroyed from under me. Eventually I died and didn't respawn.


I logged back on the world a second after it told me I couldn't respawn, and I was in spectator mode. My world was nearly entirely gone, a small platform all that was left. Behemoth had five heads instead of one now, two on each shoulder like a demented wither. The words that flashed up on-screen said: "Your world was the ninth. It will not be the last." I need to meet up with the first eight and we have to warn people. Behemoth will raze all worlds, obliterate every block, unless we stop him. First eight, you guys reading?