Bill's Minecraft Skin

I had a friend named Bill. I created a world so we can have fun. He joined the game. We wanted to create some stuff so we did. Bill was the lumberjack who needed to get some wood for us. And i was the builder. Bill is the builder too! And one night. Something went wrong. Bill was attacked by zombies, spiders and skeletons. I tried to save him but he unfortunately died. He never respawned. I waited and waited until morning and he is still not respawning. Then i shut down the computer and sleep for the next day. The next morning. I wanted to play some Minecraft with Bill again. I called him but i can't. So i had to play Minecraft all alone. I continued building what Bill built. I had to get the wood this time. Later while i was getting wood from the forest. I saw something move behind the trees. It was all foggy so i can't see anything. Then when i was finished getting some wood. I thought the thing behind the tress was Bill but i thought it was something else too. I needed more wood so i got some. It was nighttime at that point. I got the wood and continued building. I later on built a house to sleep for the night. The next day. I checked my build and it was on fire and broken. I putted out the fire. I didn't know who lit that up. I was guessing Herobrine but i was wrong. It was Bill. I saw him in the forest chasing after me but i got away. I later on think if it was Bill or not. It was Bill. I noticed his skin was different. all bloody.

Ghost Bill

Bill the Ghost Lumberjack

I freaked out and said "BILL WHAT ARE U???" He replied "i am bill the lumberjack....." He warped me into a creepy place called "Redland" It was an island all red. I didn't know what to do until i decided to shut down my computer and pray for Bill. I saw Bill right in front of me holding a knife. He wounded me in the arm. My arm was bleeding and he disappeared into air. I took the first aid kit and got bandages and putted it on my wound. I was scared and decided to sleep. It was all gone.