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Part 1: The Return

Bill the killer

I was bored so i turned on my PC and played some Minecraft. Until 7 people joined my world. They were setting up some kind of ritual. They were all chanting "Reaper, Reaper, Please come to this world." 5 times. I was freaked out. Then the candle lights were blown by an unknown force. I read the book once they were gone. I read it and it said in the 11th page. "How to summon Bill the Killer reaper." I freaked out. How they were going going to summon Bill?! I

thought he was dead years ago. But now he has returned. The 7 players who try to summon Bill was back. I hid behind the trees and i noticed something they need. It said "The blood of the reaper's old friend." I had nothing to do. But it's Minecraft! It's not real life or anything. So i decided to give up my blood. It took half heart. I healed up and Bill came. I freaked out that he looked distorted and bloody, With a bloody sword and a bloody axe. He killed some people judging to his bloody appearance. And he is dead. They resurrected him from the dead. He said to me "my old friend" With a voice! He didn't type it in the chat. He said it with his creepy voice. I ran away and he looked at me from the far distance and he warped behind be and stabbed me. It killed me. I spawned in a weird and creepy place. I realized it was Bill's new home. The Underworld. I saw some skeletons and reapers i ran away from. Then i saw a text written in blood saying "FOOL, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TRUSTED THEM...." I freaked out and shut down my computer. I was relieved.

Part 2: Escape

[Coming Soon]