lThis is fake, and it's the sequel to WORLD:BLANK

My name is Jack.

So a few months ago something tragic happened in my life. My sister, Jam, had something attack her, later she died.We found her with the word BLANK carved into her back. A day or so after she died we all found out, called the police and they investigated her story on her tablet. it ended in "WATCH OUT FOR BLANK" and when we found out who this blank is, we were all terrified. Apparently he was a Serial Killer who was trapped in MineCraft when 1.1 came out. The world he was trapped in became relieased by accident, resulting in at least 12 people dying. But what we didn't know at the time was Blank was more that some creepy serial killer. He was a supernatrual being all together. Now time to get on with the story. The night after the funeral i was on MineCraft and i was making Pixel Art. while i was working, i noticed soming move near my Nyan Cat statue. I went over there, just to find out that Nyan Cat had an entirely white body, light gray eyes and there was a sign in front. I read it and it said "Iv'e taken care of your sister. Im sorry, but she didn't get enough punishment. You are an artist, but Murdering is just so should run....... here i come....." And then my screen went white. I felt a quick jolt of pain, and my vision went red. When i woke up, Everything was white. And those words. Oh, those words. all i could see when i closed my eyes was "BLANK WAS HERE." I think a few hours or so passed by the time i fell asleep. I woke to see my bloody hands covering my face. I lived. i lived. i lived.....

Two days later, i was eating breakfeast when i saw something. A completely white figure.

And i heard a whisper. Just loud enough for me to hear. It said "I will be back. Watch out." And then, In a flash, it was gone. I could only think one word for the rest of the day.