I was playing on a singleplayer world. Everything was normal. I started to chop down some trees to make planks. I made a small, but generic house. I was about to type a command when all of a sudden, the chat box started flickering. I ignored it has just a glitch and typed the command. After two nights in that house, it starts to burn from nothing. I didn't build the house anywhere near lava or anything, so it couldn't have set on fire just like that. I quickly grabbed some water and put it out. Then in the chat box, somebody named 'BLOCKER' said "PLEAD FOR FORGIVENESS.". I stared at the message as it faded away. I decided to go mining the next day. I saw a light in the darkness of the cave I went to. It was fire on netherrack. Someone private messaged me. I checked the message. It said "PLEAD TO ME". I started to get really creeped out. I stopped minecraft.

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