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This will be an ongoing six-chapter story about murder mysteries. Since the main focus of the story is not on Minecraft, I decided to make it here, just to make sure the non-creepypasta stories are organized. So the first chapter will be on soon and I will make the chapters in the near future. Here are some of the release dates for the chapters:

Chapter I (A Party to Die For) - Feb. 14, 2017

Chapter II (Trial and Error) - Feb. 18, 2017

Chapter III (Blood and Gore) - Feb. 19, 2017

Chapter IV (Anonymous Encounter) - TBA

Chapter V (The Butterfly Effect) - TBA

Chapter VI (Be Joyed in Despair) - TBA

Wait till Wednesday and expect this thread to have the first chapter.

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Chapter I - A Party to Die For

Sixteen teenagers have been reportedly murdered in San Atlanta Street an hour ago. The bodies were found in the entrance of Wrights' manor. The location is currently being investigated by the authorities. The people have speculated that the murderer was Daniel Wright, although he has already passed away two weeks ago. While the authorities were investigating, they found a woman - named Baylie Tiago - hiding in a room in the manor. The authorities has questioned her behaviour. However, they failed to get answers from the woman. Korina Wilkins, reporting.

I woke up in my wide and dimly lit bedroom, still feeling drowsy and weak. I can barely move my body, I felt like something kept me here chained and shackled. I heard a shout from the outside, though I do not think it was a shout, it was a bit blurred and less loud. I left the bed and stood up while stretching. I walked towards the blocked window and removed the curtains, letting fresh sunlight flood in my room. I looked outside with the sunlight penetrating through my room.

The sprinklers on the lawn weakly started showering the grass with pure mineral water. The sprinklers needs to be upgraded with new ones, I'd say. Raccoons started wandering around, searching for food. How will they survive from the harsh environment, I'd say. I can smell the aroma of the food from another room and it smells lovely. I walked inside my out of my room, hoping for breakfast.

The whole house is elobarately decorated. There were vintage items hung on the wall. These items were really precious to my family. It's like my family has many children more than my aunts has. I gained awareness afterwards and I saw my dad sitting in the comfortable couch while drinking coffee. I'd say a good morning to him, but my body felt like I won't tell anything to my dad about last night. "Good morning, Baylie. Have you just woken up?" Dad said. I nodded and walked to the kitchen. "Your breakfast is served in the dining room, Baylie. Go on to the dining room if you need to eat. You have a big day today." Oh, I completely forgot about the occassion today: it's Arthur Wright's 16th birthday.

I went to the dining room afterwards and I see my breakfast - a plate of rice, three strips of bacon, a fried egg, and a glass of wine - neatly placed on the dining table. I sat on the chair that is in front of the dining table. I slouched on the chair, sighing and resisting the urge to sleep. I groaned and started eating. The whole room is quiet but filled with the noise of plates washed in the dishwasher. After a while, I finished my breakfast and went straight to the bathroom to, obviously, take a bath.

I took off my clothes and threw them to a nearby basket that is beside the washing machine. I noticed how weak I am today so a shower might fade my exhaustion. I walked inside the shower and turned the valve, making the shower spray warm water to my head. I rinsed the soap on my body, leaving some bubbly soap trails behind then I spread shampoo on my hair and started rinsing it. Later on, I was done taking a shower and I grabbed two clean towels and went to my room to wear clothes.

I kept myself inside the closet where I can wear my clothes with privacy. I then wore my white long-sleeved shirt and wore a black shirt with a teddy bear face decorated on the middle of the shirt and wore a short skirt and a pair of bluish-black pants. I walked out of my room to search for my shoes. I went upstairs to find them and I see my shoe, shiny and clean, on the doorway of my parents' room. I took it and wore it.

I went downstairs and saw my dad finishing his coffee. "Dad, I'm going to Arthur's house now." I said. He looked at me and smiled, "Okay. Come back here soon!", "I will." I left the house and ran into the garage to grab the family car. I opened the entrance of the garage and jumped inside the driver's seat of the car. I turned it on and the car activated, blowing a small puff of smoke from behind. I turned the lever and kicked the pedal, moving the car slightly forward then I laid both of my feet at the two pedals. I then put my weight on the right pedal and drove off towards the manor of the Wrights'.

Minutes later, I arrived in front of the Wrights' manor. The gate opened automatically, implying that I should park the car inside. I drove inside the gate and pulled the car near the gate. I walked up the entrance of the house and I can hear my friends shouting from the inside. I guess that's how birthday parties are supposed to be. I opened the door ane went inside the house and it looks like they're already having fun.

Dee, May, and Rico are on the stairs, talking about cellphones and computers and stuff. Arthur, Fredd, Miguel, and Katie are standing near the food and drinks. Tommie, Bill, Zachary, and Dunn are just eating their food on a table. The others aren't here yet, however. I walked up to Arthur and told him, "Happy birthday, dude." he smiled and said, "Thanks, Bay. Have you seen the others yet? Their cars are already parked outside the house. Mom will kill me if she finds out that the others' house are just parked outside for a long time." I shook my head then he patted my shoulder.

"Why don't you eat?" Arthur requested then I went straight to the food stalls and picked up a little amount of food. I found an unoccupied table so I went there and ate some of my food. I remained idle after a few seconds then started looking around, noticing how the place gets bigger and bigger over time but I guess it was just my mind going crazy again. After looking outside Marty, Mako, Dill, Wendy, and Iris arrived wearing those fancy clothes. Arthur hesitantly ran towards the others and started talking to them and that was all I could tell.

The next day...

All of a sudden my eyes opened and I stood up and I heard my friends shouting and screaming. I wonder why I'm still in Arthurs' though so I went out of the bedroom and went downstairs. I noticed that all the windows are boarded up with thick steel plates. I held my hand against it and felt something shake from the outside. I arrived downstairs and I couldn't believe what I saw: Arthur is being held up on the living room wall with knives on both of his hands in a crucified manner.

May started crying and said, "Why would this happen after his birthday?!" Fredd is trying to comfort May, "Come on, May. We should have to find a way to the outside." The other girls were crying while the other boys are trying to figure out what happened. I hear something ring in the kitchen and I ran there. When I reached the kitchen, I saw Dill lying on the ground with a knife stabbed through his head. The blood is still dripping. It took me a minute to realize that I was screaming. I hear Mako arriving to the kitchen. "B-Baylie! W-What happened?!" he looks at Dill's body, horrified and afraid. "Who's doing all this?!" Mako yelled, punching a wall in the process.

A telephone rings in the room and I went to answer it. "Hello?" I asked. After ten seconds, someone answered, "Why, hello there, Wright Family. This is Alter Incorporation's founder Kuyouka Alter lending you reasons as to why your manor has been barricaded. As you can see, the-- and I have noticed someone in your manor named Dill Francis has been killed. It appears that one of you there is responsible for his death. This is only a left message. Farewell." The telephone beeps.

Through the course of our lives, we choose to be anything we always wanted. It was an order of a failed system, and it would be undoubtingly simple enough to live on without the need for difficulty. The life of teenagers trapped inside a manor has already begun.

End of Chapter I


Chapter II - Trial and Error

Life is more painful than death. I wonder why we should suffer through the course of our lives and just suffer even more pain in the end.

All of us are idly sitting in the living room. The room was quiet, no one spoke for a while. Time passes and Mako stands up, "Come on, guys. Let's find out who did this." Iris stood up and goes upstairs, still crying. The dust on the table is very noticeable while the silence still shrouds upon us. Tommie, afraid and concerned, said, "W-Who killed Arth and Dill?! Th-They were doing nothing and they were in-innocent!". Dunn stood up and said, "Well... I point at Katie, since she hates the two of them." Katie became furious by this, and said, "Oh, so it's MY fault?! For goodness sake, I don't hate them! If I hate them, Arth wouldn't have invited me in his goddamn birthday!" Katie adds, "Ugh.. I'm going upstairs to check on Mako and Iris." She storms off upstairs, leaving behind a loud closing of a door.

"It's simple how we can find out who killed the two of them." Miguel, confidently, said. I became curious and I simply replied, "How?" Just as I said that, I hear a girl scream from upstairs. "What the?! Let's go there!" We ran upstairs and when we reached the second floor, we see Katie trying to crawl away from Arth's bedroom, whining. Since I am in front of the crowd, I slowly progress my way to the bedroom. As the room quickly filled in my vision, Iris died. Her intestines were exposed outside her stomach and her jaw is mutilated. I scream as the others behind me jumped forward to see it. They were shocked, horrified, and traumatized. "First, Arth... second, Dill... now Iris?!" We were looking around to find Mako, only to find him in the attic being impaled on a long harpoon spear. "Now... Mako is dead!" Wendy yelled and kneeled on the ground and pulls out a survival knife from her pocket. "I don't wanna live without Mako on my side..." Wendy stabs herself in the chest and she started breathing quickly. She glares at me and then she stopped moving and breathing.

"Why does everyone have to die?!" Katie screamed. Miguel looked calm and serious as if he is the head of the court, "We only have one person to blame here... it's Katie!" Everyone gasped and Katie becomes surprised, "Don't blame me! I have nothing to do with this!!" I started to worry that someone might get killed again. "Speak for yourself, you murderous liar. You killed someone in the past! Just as what they say: if you did it in the past, you are bound to do it again in the future!" Miguel shouted as the others started whispering at each other, possibly giving opinions. "I'm not killing anybody! You aren't even a good detective, Miguel."

"How dare you mock me. I have enough proof to prove that you killed every single one of our friends.", "I'm telling you, I didn't do it!", the two of them started arguing each other until we heard someone speak. "Mic testing! Mic testing! Nevermind, I know you guys are already listening to this." we wondered who spoke. It wasn't any of us, that's when we knew that we left the television turned on. We ran back there and the television is showing us a person wearing a top hat and a business suit. The person moves its head to show us its face. "What the heck?! You look like Daniel Wright!" I shouted, "That's because I am Daniel Wright!" All of us gasped and he removed his top hat.

"Now, you all might be wondering: who killed our poor best friends? They've been killed by one of you! The killer is just within you, trying to hide from your attentions!" Daniel said. Miguel directs a furious glare at Katie. "So, to stop this killer, I will commence an Execution Trial for all of you! Unfortunately, Execution Trials are special types of trials so... the trial will commence four days from now! However, this thing I send is recorded in January 23, 2019 and I'm sure I already died after weeks or so. So much for being a super smart person!"

"Just get to the point!" Miguel shouted. Daniel waves a goodbye and the screen goes back to a loud white noise. I become confused at this point: who really is the killer anyway? Then, something sparked in my mind. "Where's Fredd?" I asked. The others look around and they shrugged. Rico steps forward and said, "I thought he went upstairs." Just as I thought, he could be hiding somewhere up there. "Let's debate, guys. Who should go up there with me?" Miguel asked. No one even raised their hands, so to end it too soon, I raised my hand then Miguel nodded. Miguel and I walked at the stairway, lesving a trail of creaky wooden sounds.

The hallway of the second floor is far and wide and seperates into seven rooms: the Guests' Bedroom, the Master Bedroom, the Library, the Computer Room, the Storage Room, an empty room leading to the attic, and a locked room. Me and Miguel went to the Computer Room, since the two of us know that Fredd likes games. "So, Bay, is it really Katie who killed them?" He asked. I blushed since we never talked for a while then I replied, "You really have some beef with Katie, huh?". He chuckled and patted my shoulder. He then put his arm on the back of my shoulders, "Miguel, we're only friends..." Miguel stopped and pulled me. "No... I still love you, Bay." He pushed me to a wall and started making out with me. I punched his face, then he stopped, "S-Sorry...", he said. "Tch..." I thought then I added, "Why did you just kiss me all of a sudden?! Don't you know that you liked May more than me?!". He silenced then he replied, "Co'mon. Let's go find Fredd." I wrapped my arms and shook my head, I am clearly disappointed at Miguel.

We reached the Computer Room door, but it's locked. "It wasn't like that when I came here yesterday." Miguel said. He starts kicking the door while saying something I really don't understand. After a while, he sat near the door and it was my turn to open it. It took a while then... I noticed... blood is flowing slowly below the door. "B-Blood?!" I screamed, more than enough to attract Miguel's attention. He looked down the door, and noticed the blood flowing out. "What on earth?!" He gasped then he started helping me open the door. I hear footsteps nearby then I signalled Miguel to hide. The person came in and I quickly kicked the person's head. "Ow! Why'd you do that?!" Marty whined, extremely hurt by my kick. "Oh my god, I'm sorry. I thought you're a killer!" I said while I comfort Marty. He's rubbing his head, still hurt. "Marty, can you help us open this door?" Miguel asked, then Marty replied, "Yeah... if the hurt goes away."

Two minutes later, we managed to open the door and the room reveals that all the computers are turned on, but each computer shows each of our faces, and the blood on the floor is actually tomato sauce. We went inside to investigate and we see Arthur, Dill, Iris, Mako, and Wendy in the computers, respectively, showing a large "X" on their faces. "This is wierd..." Marty said. As soon as he said that, we hear someone's voice in the computer room. "Greetings!". "Who on earth--?" Miguel asked and turned to the very front computer, showing Daniel's face. "I am Mac, this manor's artificial intellengence and in charge of the security of this manor."

"Is Arthur that rich?" I asked curiously, then Mac answered, "No. Arthur Wright is an expert in programming so he created me. I may appear on this computer's monitor, but I have the previleges to protect Arthur in his needs! He programmed everything in me, even how emotions work! He's truly a kind person, don't you think?" I smiled and nodded. Mac then starts beeping and responds, "I detect a small power surge in the attic. I can't check on there, unfortunately." Miguel remained silent, surprised by the technology Arthur has created. "Oh, sorry that I am curious, but why are all of you here? You went here a day ago..." Mac asked. Marty answered, "It was Arthur's birthday yesterday, we got drunk so we slept here overnight.", "Ohh, alright then. Thank you for the information. There is one thing I am curious, though, where is Arthur? I haven't seem him all day. He always checks on me on a daily basis." Mac replied, then we quickly got a bit sad. After a couple of seconds, I answered, "Mac... Arthur died just today, along with other people." Mac's eyes went blank and his mouth just opened. "W-Wait... di-did he... r-really passed a-away?" Mac asked nervously. I nodded and tears started falling out of my eyes.

"... I'm sad that Arthur had to pass away. He had a good run on his life." Mac said slowly and then he added, "You should leave me alone now, I just detected someone arriving at your location. Please be quick. Also, if you run out of food and water, there's always some stashed at the basement and the storage room. Be safe and see you soon!" Then Mac's face disappears from the monitor then we started to hear someone's footsteps. "We have to go now right this instant." Miguel said then we nodded. We snuck out of the room and locked it. The footsteps become louder then we started to increase our pace in getting to the first floor. Marty bumped into me while I was sneaking, "Sorry." he said quietly. Eventually we reached the staircase and we proceeded down. Once we reached the first floor, Dunn greets me with a hug. "Oh man, we were worried about you guys. We thought you're already caught up there!" Dunn said. Marty then replied, "Haha, we won't. Why would we be caught up there?". Dunn facepalmed and ran to the kitchen.

We all seperated then I went upstairs to head on the Master Bedroom because I have a feeling that the bedroom is where the killer is hiding. I reached the doorway of the Master Bedroom, and the door was slightly ajar. I slowly walked inside and I see Fredd being tied up on the bed with needles being blood all around his body. I ran near Fredd's body and the wound is covered by the rope. I untied it then someone came in, a person dressed in a business suit with those cult masks you see in horror movies carrying a large scythe.

Our body is only an instrument for our souls. We nurture it carefully until everything we did to it becomes a waste. Isn't it awful to live in a never ending loop?

End of Chapter II


Chapter III - Blood and Gore

Isn't it fascinating how humans work and think? Imagine the human generation becomes extinct. God has hidden a larger message behind our lives, making us tempt to find it out. But in the end, we find it out, and it was just a simple, ordinary cake. But this cake is special, only given to fair people, but no people are fair at all. In general, it doesn't even matter, because in the end, you'll end up becoming gluttonous to find it out all for yourself.

I shouted for help, but nobody came. The person slammed its scythe on me, but I dodged it, making the scythe hit Fredd's body. The person started to pull the scythe, ripping off one of the ropes that tied Fredd in the progress. I asked, "Who are you?". The person didn't speak and continued to hit me with the large weapon. I got hit, though it only hit my arm, it hurts like hell. I screamed in pain, hoping someone from downstairs would hear it. I got out of the room and I held my wound, where blood is flowing fast from it. "H-Help!" I shouted. I continued walking towards the staircase and I reach it, but because of the massive amount of blood I lost, I became light-headed and instead of walking down the stairs, I fell down on it.

I opened my eyes and found myself back in the computer room. I'm tied up on a chair and I struggled getting out. I looked at my arm and the wound is strapped in a bandage. The darkness of the room is haunting my mind, making me hallucinate. "Help me!" I shouted. As I said that, Mac turns on. "Why, hello there, Baylie. Why are you tied up on a chair?", "I don't know! I saw someone back in the Master Bedroom trying to kill me. Do you know who that person is?" Mac starts beeping while three dots appear on the screen. "It seems that a trespasser is here. Hold on while I verify who it is...". Eventually I got to untie myself.

"Uh oh! The trespasser seemed to have interrupted Camera 2-B, also known as the camera that is facing on the entrance of the Master Bedroom. My built-in sensors indicate that the trespasser is heading this way! Hide, quick!" Mac said. I look around to find a hidden spot. I chose to hide behind Mac and he turned to Sleep mode. "Please be careful there. You may possibly manipulate a piece of me by accident." he said before he turned to Sleep Mode. Mac silenced then I heard footsteps going near the computer room. I stayed still as I heard it getting nearer.

"Come out, Baylie. It's me, Marty." the person said in a deep, spine-chilling voice. Marty's voice was never that deep, but I wonder how "Marty" knew about me hiding in here. "Come out, come out wherever you are." the person said while stepping closer to Mac. "Mac, turn on please." the person said. "Please verify the password." Mac said. "Grr... I don't have time for this!" the person raged as I hear some loud metal cranking and beating. "Please, do not destroy the computer room." Mac begged. Eventually I heard the person's footsteps getting less louder, implying that the person left. I sighed and a hand suddenly covered my mouth. "I knew you were there." said the person who is wearing a large gas mask.

The person covered my mouth with a tape and it dragged me across the second room and up to the attic. I was shoved on a table and tied there, lying on the table with a lamp facing at my eyes. I moved my head and saw the person moving a small movable table to me. I looked at the table and it has surgery materials and a large saw. The person coughed and said, "Don't worry. I'll give you a full organ replacement with no organ to replace for you! HAHAHA!" the person started laughing and the person moved my shirt up to my breast. The person grabbed a highlighter then started marking at my stomach. It tickles me, but I'm scared that I'll die before I know it. Then I started shaking my body. "Stop moving..." the person said.

After that, the person placed the highlighter away and grabbed the surgical sawblade. I started moving a lot to escape then the person got mad and said, "STOP MOVING!". Out of nowhere, the person got shoved away by someone behind the person. It reveals to be Miguel, who's trying to save me. "I knew someone would kill you here. C'mon!" he said as we ran downstairs. As we reached the living room, I cried and hugged Miguel. "Thanks, Miguel. I thought I'd end up being a product sent to the black market." Dee came down from upstairs and said, "Ugh... my head hurts. I hit my head on the doorway when I was running away from the attic.". It's sort of suspicious, but I just shrugged it off.

"Hey, Miguel, I wanna talk to you in the kitchen." May said politely. Miguel nodded as both of them head to the kitchen. Dee walked near me and said, "Wanna talk about Mako?" That's really strange, since he doesn't really talk about Mako, but I also shrugged it off and nodded. "Did you know that he was dubbed as the 'Ultimate Gemologist' a few years ago?" he said. I forgot about Mako's career being a gemologist and I said, "Yeah. But why would he even participate on a killing game?". Dee replied, "I guess it's something we have to know in the future."

A little bit later, I found out that it's already nighttime and the others are really drowsy. "Wow... what a fast day." Miguel said. May then answered, "I know, right?". Something sparked in my mind, and I said, "If we are going to sleep, we have to be in full alert since all of us are getting killed. We have to seperate each other if we are going to sleep.". Bill walked towards me and said, "Great idea, Bay. Now, we have to find out where we could sleep. No one will sleep inside the guest bedrooms and in the master bedroom.", Miguel suddenly shouted, "Bill, that's dangerous! We're going to get killed more easily if we do that." Bill quickly held his chin, thinking.

"How about we sleep in duos in each bedroom?" Zachary requested, then most people agreed. "That settles it. Now we have to pair each other up." Miguel said. Later on, we slept in each of our guest bedroom, oh, and Bill is my roommate. "So, Bay, how's life going?", he asked. Then I answered, "Ehh... complicated. This whole killing thing is making me nervous.", "Haha, yeah...", "So, uh... let's go to sleep, I guess.", "Wait." he replied. I looked at Bill then, "We should barricade the door. Someone might come inside during our sleep."

We barricaded the door with some cabinets and we proceeded to our beds. "So, Bay, you moved on from Miguel?", he asked. I looked at him, "Uh... yeah.. why?", I answered then he suddenly stood up from his bed and laid down beside me on my bed. "It's nothing.", he answered. "Why are you beside me now?" I asked, uncomfortable. He started stroking my hair, he sighed, "Bay... can I be your boyfriend?", "What?!" he fell off my bed.

"Oh god, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--.", "It's okay, Bay. But... do you want to?", he asked again. I'm not sure how to answer that. I have mixed feelings for him. I decided, "Bill... yes...", he smiled, and laid down beside me on the bed. "Let's go to sleep then." he replied, then he closed his eyes and faced away from me. Well that was abrupt. I looked on the other direction and slept.

Day 2

I woke up from my bed and I found myself naked. I screamed and noticed that Bill wasn't beside me, then I noticed... Bill is on his bed, fully naked, with gunshots on his stomach while his face is in a terrified expression. I screamed and fell down. I searched for my clothes and wore them. "B-Bill..." I said, depressingly. I put my palm on his eyes and closed them, including his mouth, and I covered his entire body with a large blanket. After that, I noticed the barricade in our room was destroyed and someone must've did that.

I walked out of the bedroom and noticed the hallway bloody and all messed up. I followed the trail of blood and it led to the library. I went inside and noticed that the bookshelves have fell down and some were on top of each other, then I found Zachary tied in a chair in the middle of the room with a spear sticking out of his head. I screamed and Miguel suddenly jumped up from behind me, "What's going on, Bay?!" I was too scared to say anything. My mind went blank for a while then I passed out.

Death Count: 8. Survivors Left: 8. Time till Execution Trial: 3 Days, 2 Hours, 47 Minutes

End of Chapter III


Chapter IV - Anonymous Encounter

Dead: Arthur Wright, Dill Francis, Iris Neo, Mako Hazumi, Wendy Ashenburg, Fredd Hoff, Bill Afton, Zachary Ion

Day 2

It was horrifying to see my close friends dying. As hours went by, the manor became less and less sturdy than it usually is. Three more days left and we're out of this hell for good. I woke up in a bedroom and Miguel is just sitting on the bed I am on. He noticed that I woke up so he said, "Oh. You're awake. What happened, Bay?". I looked around and the bedroom is wider than I thought. "Ehh... don't you think this room is wide?". He looked at me and laughed, "Oh, haha. You're still under the effects of the drug." I am shocked and I tried to move my body, but I can't. "Wha-What's happening?!", "Oh, Bay... sorry I did that to you... I drugged you while you slept..."

What was he thinking?! My body feels so heavy that I can't even stand up. Then... he laid down on top of me while facing me. "We're gonna have fun.. hehe...". I shouted for help, but it was no use. He successfully removed my shirt, but as that happened, he spat out blood on my undershirt. He stepped back from me and eventually fell down. Now I can barely move my body then I grabbed my shirt and wore it. I stood up from the bed and my body feels so heavy. I looked at Miguel's body. His body has stab wounds all over his back while blood is flowing out of his back.

I fell down involuntarily, still under the effects of the drugs, I stood up and struggled to go outside the bedroom. I accidentally stepped on Miguel but when I stepped on top of his hand, I heard a loud metal crack. It's a bit strange, so I crouched and checked his hand. His hand looked like it was metal that had been manipulated by smashing it. I stood up and tried to hold him up but his body is too heavy so I flipped him over the side to show is frontal part. I touched his lifeless face and it felt like the skin is loose and too slippery. I suddenly ripped it off, revealing that the body is not human, but in fact a robot. I became curious then I touched the face, having the texture of steel and a bit of electricity. Suddenly, the real Miguel came in.

"What's going on?" he asked. He looked at me and saw the fake Miguel. "What the heck is this?", he asked again. Then I answered, "Th-This fake Miguel tried to... you know... and did you drug me?!". Miguel shook his hand, implying that he didn't put drugs in me when I was unconscious. "You know what, Bay? Let's go downstairs. The others are experiencing the same thing..."

Downstairs, we saw the others surrounding a robot version of Arthur, which is currently beaten up on the ground by Dee. "FAKER!" Dee kept shouting as the robot tries to stand up. Dee grabs a baseball bat and starts smashing the hell out of Robot Arthur, by the way, that's how I'll call it. Eventually, something came out of Robot Arthur's mouth: a micro memory chip. Miguel quickly grabbed it in mid-air. "Nice catch." May said. Miguel smiles and said, "Let's go to the computer room and find out what this is." We all nodded, but Tommie interrupted and then he pulled out a gun.

"I can't let you do that." we all step back as he aims the gun at us. He loads it. "Why are you doing this...?" May asked. "Well... for some reason, I'm kinda getting used to this situation. I'll say that I am not the killer, but I'd like to be one right now." he said as he laughed psychopathically. "Dude, don't even think about it!" Dee shouted. Tommie aims the gun at Dee's head and pulls the trigger, killing Dee. His blood splattered everywhere as he fell down, losing grip of the baseball bat. I stepped back and sneakily grabbed the baseball bat. "Tommie, you're going insane! Just stop!" Miguel shouted, forcing Tommie to aim the gun at him. "If you open your little mouth again I'm gonna make sure you ain't talkin' anymore." he said. Then I stood up and lunged at him, "Not on my watch!" I slammed the baseball bat on his head, immediately knocking him out.

"We should tie him up before he wakes up so he can't shoot anyone." Dunn said. We did what we should do: tie him up in a chair on the living room. Miguel grabbed the gun and put it inside his right pocket. "This should do it. Now we have to go to the computer room and find out what this micro chip is supposed to be." Rico said. We went upstairs and went straight to the computer room hallway. We reached the computer room, but it was boarded up with wooden barricades nailed to it. I started slamming the boards with the baseball bat in an attempt to remove the barricades.

After a while, the barricades were successfully removed and the baseball bat is warped and appears to be in a really bad shape. "Okay, lets go inside." I said. I turned the knob and the door opened, only to reveal that all pf the computers - except Mac - are smashed up. "What the hell happened here?!" Miguel shouted. Mac wakes up. "Greetings, Baylie, Miguel, and Marty! It appears someone has intruded the computer room and destroyed the computers but the person spared me." Mac said. Mac looks different. Instead of wearing a bowler hat, he is wearing a long bandage that covers his right eye and has wounds all over his face. "Oh, do not worry about how I look. It is just because if I am connected to the other computers, my feelings become heightened and anything that affects them will also affect me. So it's similar on voodoo traditions and the use of witch superstition."

"Okay, Mac. But can you do us a favor?" I asked politely. Mac enters into the Three Dot mode, that's what I call it if he's thinking. "Anything is possible, Baylie. How can I help you?" he asked. I grabbed the micro chip from Miguel's hand and put it inside Mac's external connectors. Mac begins to read the files of the micro chip. "It appears that this has something to do with the Alter Incorporations. Would you like to have the files printed out or should I read it for you?" Mac asked. We decided for Mac to read it out loud. Mac then said, "Beginning file reading in 3... 2... 1..."

"Dear Wrights',

The collaboration we did last week has been a great success. We promise you that we will do anything you and your family's desires. We have granted you the permission to bring up protection levels of any of your ownership, as long as you are partnered with us. This will be a lifetime partnership so do not worry for any setbacks as we, the Alter Incorporation, will terminate any of it, even if it leads to a death of a person.

We recently recieved your heir-to-the-throne's, also known as Arthur Wright's, letter that we have to barricade the whole manor with the strongest material we have so we got your manor barricaded safe and tight. It is our duty to protect your ownership as possible.

We have, however, unfortunate news for you. The night after Arthur's birthday, there was a man that killed Arthurr, rest his soul. We're afraid to say this, but your life is in danger and we're afraid we can't protect you due to large scale cyber attacks in our websites. We will arrive there within days with the FBI so to assure you that you will be safe


Koyouka Alter."

I was shocked since they didn't do anything about Arthur's murder. What is Alter Incorporations' plan? Daniel said that there will be an execution trial that will take place in three days, which seems coincidental to the time when the authorities will arrive. Mac stopped reading the letter and responded, "Would you like to read the second final file?". I said yes, but the others disagreed. "No, Bay... don't...", Marty said in a depressing voice. "W-Why would they even do this to us?!" May said as she starts crying and kneels down the floor. I whispered to Mac, "Print out the second file, but only I can know about it, okay?"

Time till Execution Trial: 2 Days, 16 hours, 34 minutes

I'm currently alone in a bedroom. The others and I brought our dead friends' bodies up in the attic a while ago. The bodies began to stench so we covered them with the blankets from the guest bedrooms. In the bedroom I'm in, I turned on the light and read the printed file Mac had given to me.

"Dear Baylie,

I saw this coming, even after my sixteenth birthday. I just want to say that I've had a great time spending with you and the others. I foresaw my death coming, so I used my final efforts to bring this to you. I coded Mac so he can help you with some stuff. I don't know when I'll die, but it's most likely today.

I love you, Baylie. I wish you spent some time with me instead of that Miguel person.



I never knew Arthur would actually love a jerk like me. He always tries to talk to me sometimes, saying corny stuff about how cute I am. I wished I spent time with him. I turned off the light and prepared to sleep. Once i got into my bed, I noticed something on the ceiling. A small hole is just right there, looking down at me. Blood starts dripping from it. I was wide-eyed and I screamed, when someone suddenly jumped inside the bedroom I'm in and lunged at me and covered my mouth. I started to move vigorously to get out of the person's grip. I punched the person's face, revealing a fake me. "Why you piece of--" I said as the fake me punched my head, knocking me out.

Time till Execution Trial: 2 Days, 5 hours, 13 minutes

My eyes slowly opened and I feel like I am tied on a chair. It turns out I am tied up on a chair. I looked around, only to see nothing. A light turned on, and the light was overhead of me. What I saw in front of me is May's dead body, her eyes open, glaring at me in a horrifying sight. Her arms were torn off from her, while her legs are just stretched too far that it looked like she broke her legs. I was shocked and I started to move. Once I moved, someone walked in to the light. A person wearing a coat and a hat. The person aimed a gun at May and pulled the trigger, shooting out a bullet that hit May's eyes, splattering blood. "Who are you?!?!" I yelled. The person aimed at my right foot and shot it, "ARGH! OWWW!!!" I cried out. The person covered my mouth with duct tape as he aimed the gun at my right knee. "If you don't shut up, you're gonna be just like her!" the person said. I coupdn't bear the pain of the bullet in my foot, so I nodded and I started crying. "SHUT UP!" he said as he pulled the trigger, shooting at my right knee. I cried out again, but this time more quiet.

Do I have to suffer? Do I deserve suffering?! I'm gonna die before I know it... I'm losing too much blood in my veins. I feel lightheaded as I just dazed closely at the person, as I pass out.

"Where's May and Bay?" Miguel asked. Marty answered, "I don't know...". They searched around the place, hoping that they'll see us again. "Where have they gone to?"

Dead: Arthur Wright, Dill Francis, Iris Neo, Mako Hazumi, Wendy Ashenburg, Fredd Hoff, Bill Afton, Zachary Ion, Dee Clancy, May Clinton

Time till Execution Trial: 2 Days, 3 hours, 34 minutes

End of Chapter IV


Chapter V - The Butterfly Effect

Hello there, I'm Miguel Damon. An eighteen-year-old college student and a detective around San Atlanta. I've been around this place for a while. My aim is to become an Ultimate Detective. But my dreams became short-lived when this happened. Our friends started dying, even two at one scene. We kept blaming each other for it. I used to be in relationship with Baylie Tiago, but she broke up with me when I betrayed her by choosing May Clinton. Things started to become even worse as May and Baylie has gone missing. I'll be the one telling the story for now.

Time till Execution Trial: 1 Day, 4 hours, 33 minutes

We were searching for May and Baylie for a long time, we even missed out sleeping. "Baylie? Where are you?" Marty called out. We all kept searching and searching. I walked towards Rico and asked him, "Hey, found any clues yet?". He held his chin and looked above and answered, "No... I don't even know where they are." I just nodded and left him there, still looking upwards. I began searching for clues and I started at where she was last night: in the guest bedrooms. I walked upstairs in hopes to find Baylie and May.

Once I reached the second floor, I noticed that the lights are slowly flickering and the ground shook lightly. I wandered towards the bedrooms and found no one there. Baylie sleeps inside a bedroom that's beside to May's, so I went to May's guest bedroom first. As soon as I walked in, her bedroom is a complete mess. The pillows are on the corner, the closet is overly ajar, and the bed is near the closet as if the bed is used to block the closet. I noticed that a trail of blood is on the pillow and the trail leads out of the bedroom and each blood is becoming more and more scarce until the first floor. I took note of this and headed to Baylie's guest bedroom.

I walked inside, and her room is pretty clean. However, there is a syringe left upright on the bed while something red is dripping from the ceiling as it drops on the pillows. I stepped inside and looked at the hole. A drop of red comes out of it as I touch it. It feels a bit wierd so I took a smell of it. Smells like tomato sauce. So I tried tasting it, and it was tomato sauce. The taste is wierd so I spat out my saliva and left the room.

So far, I have no evidences found yet. Our cellphones are running out of power. I'm afraid that we won't find Baylie and May because of the less amount of clues we found. But I am extremely determined to find out where they are. We all gathered down the living room to associate with our findings. Katie replied first, "I went to the attic a while ago to check on the bodies. The bodies were untouched and I found a can of tomato sauce near Arthur's body. I opened it and the tomato sauce tasted really wierd so I threw it away." Just what connects to the dripping of the tomato sauce inside Bay's room! But why is there a hole on the ceiling of Bay's room that connects up with the attic?

Second, Rico replied, "I only found a metal nail that has no metal padding on it. It also comes with a hammer. Oh and I found it on the stairwell to the attic." The metal nail and the hammer must've been used by someone to make a small hole on the ceiling of Bay's room and the small hole of the floor of the attic. Third to reply is Marty, "I saw a trail of blood that came from May's room and the trail ended on the stairwell then I found a cloth that is really bloodstained." Maybe the cloth was used to wipe off the blood trail? Then, Dunn next replied. "I wasn't actually helping you guys found clues because I was busy cleaning the kitchen. But, I found a hidden latch coated with blood in the process hidden in the tiles of the floor of the kitchen."

That's a great clue. Now I am getting to know what happened. Finally, Tommie, replied, "Just turn on the TV." I'm surprised, considering he did tried to kill us before. I'm surprised he only gave five words. I expected more from him. "Just turn it on. I think there's something on." I reluctantly turned on the TV and the screen shows Baylie tied on a chair, facing on the camera. We all gasped, including Tommie. "I didn't expect that to happen!" Tommie said. We all remained surprised as Baylie wakes up, with tears on her eyes. Miguel said, "Wha-What's going on?!" I felt my body became stiff and immobile and my eyes are just locked at the TV.

Baylie starts to move vigorously, desperately trying to get out of the chair. Someone walks in the background as Baylie looks at the person, she's horrified and keeps trying to get out. The person removes the duct tape from her mouth as she shouts, "HELP!! PLEASE SAVE ME!!! I'M GONNA GET KILLED!!!" The person holds her cheeks and the person slaps her violently. "W-We need to... help her... wh-why aren't we doing anything?!" Katie said. The person spoke, "Oh... I expected this recorder to work more than a while ago... such a shame they never saw her..."

The camera faces down on the floor, showing May being shot at her eye and lying dead. All of us gasped. "W-We have to... save them!" Dunn cried out. "Why can't I move my body...? Why can't I look away from this?!" Rico shouted. The person suddenly said, "Welcome, as you watch this little girl die. What a shame her family isn't able to save her. Such a shame. Today, this is broadcasted worldwide! All of us will experience the most despairful snuff footage you will ever see! Today's episode: Episode 049, The Butterfly Effect!"

Is this guy insane?! He's broadcasting a torture video worldwide! That's insane!!! The person said, "Today, our victim is Baylie Tiago! 18 years old, female, college student, and completely single! Wondering why I entitled this episode as 'The Butterfly Effect'? Well, because, this girl used to be a caterpillar, now she's becoming a butterfly! Much more like it! Well, what are we waiting for?! Let's start!". I snapped out of it and stopped watching the TV. I shouted, "C'mon, guys! We don't have to let Baylie die!"

As I glare at them, their pupils are becoming a spinning vortex. "No... this will be my first and last snuff video I will watch in my life! HA HA HA!!" Tommie laughed pyschopathically. I slowly stepped back as I head to the kitchen. "Where are you headed, Miguel? Don't you want to see Baylie die?" Katie said. Then Rico said, "Yeah! You said you don't want to save her! C'mon, join us watch Baylie die!" then Rico grabbed a machete and aimed it at me, "Or you will be the one who will be dead first." It seems like I have no other options...


Hello, I'm Baylie Tiago. An eighteen-year-old college student and a future achitect. Life is like a rollercoaster experience, each having spins and ups and downs, at least that's what I heard. My aim is to become the world's most famous architect. I'm single and I am Miguel Damon's ex-girlfriend. I broke up with him when he chose May as his girlfriend. I'll be the one telling you the story now.

I look at the camera as my gritted my teeth as I wonder if my parents will save me from this torture. I want to be safe. I want my dreams to come true. I don't wanna end my life without my dreams becoming a waste. I shouted, "PLEASE SAVE MEEE!!!". The person pushes a wheeled table filled with sharp things. The person grabs a syringe and injects me with it. It felt like anesthesia, and so I weakened and I desperately try to break free from the chair.

The person grabs a jar that has a centipede inside it. "No.. no.. no no no no no! D-Don't!!!" I shouted as I am shaking my head. I began shivering and my mind concluded that no one will save me but I still am trying to get out of the chair. "HELP!!!" I shouted as the person shoved the centipede in my ear as I suddenly laughed psychopathically, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!", then the person replied, "HAHAHA!! Yes! You're becoming used to it!!! Soon... you won't be suffering!! All your hopes, dreams, and even your future, is a waste!!!" I became aware of everything after that as I started crying and said, "Why don't you... just... kill me already?!".

"I like it when my victims die at a slower rate. That's why I injected you with anesthesia. The effects last longer than a usual anesthesia." The person said as he adds, "And.. snuff videos don't last that short. The fun is just starting people! Don't turn off your TV's because you will miss the fun you will ever have in your life!

End of Chapter V

Chapter VI - Be Joyed in Despair

I am Daniel Wright, a nineteen-year-old college student majoring biology. I feel satisfied when I see harm, sadness, and despair from other people. It felt like the whole world has given me all I ever need. But this feeling... I can feel it thrusting into my heart. You may say I'm a psychopath, but I don't really mind it, because I really am! Do you actually think that deep in my heart that I am a sane, confident, and cheerful person? Turns out, I'm quite the opposite of sane.

You may note to me as a sadist, an emotionless prick, or even a sadist that has a liking for despair! I like being called that, honestly. Even wondering why I love despair? Hmm? You wanna know? Okay... I'm not gonna tell you! You're only gonna send me to the authorities. Hm? What are you saying? You're saying that a person like me can torture my little brother's friend? Hm? Okay, I'll leave. See you soon!


The person pulls the centipede out of my ear as I feel blood dripping out of my ear. "It loved your blood, Baylie...". The person said as I felt his finger touching my bleeding ear. He walks beside me and as I look at him, he licks the blood from his finger. "Mmm... delicious. Why haven't I tasted yours in the first place?! Oh... I forgot to say my name... dear me." he said as he moves closer to my ears and said something. I was terrified to who he is. Why do I feel like dying so fast?!


Have we met before?

No, I don't think so.

Well, I am Baylie. And you are...?


Nice to meet you, Miguel.

Same to you, Baylie.

So, uh... I guess I should go--


What is it?

I saw you left your phone at the restaurant and I think you've been searching for this for a while.

Oh! Thank you so much! No wonder I am always forgetful, hee hee!

You're welcome, Baylie.

Oh, and um... you didn't check my phone number, did you?

Why would I?

Oh! Because of your obedience and your innocence, Miguel, you will now be granted to have my number!

Wait what?

Aww, so you don't want my number?

That's not what I mean, but I guess if it makes you happy, I guess I'll have your number then.


Is this the last time I'll remember how me and Baylie met...?

I suddenly became conscious of what is happening: Tommie started beating the crap out of Katie. "YES! YES!" Marty and Rico chanted. While Katie is being beaten up, Tommie grunted, "THIS. IS. FOR. KILLING. MAKO!" He grabs Katie's head and slams it on the ground endlessly. It's becoming too violent, blood starts splattering out of her head, Tommie's facial expression becoming very disturbingly psychopathic, and Marty and Rico cheering and encouraging the fight.

"STOP! STOP IT!" I shouted. Tommie finishes off Katie by picking her body up, carrying it to the second floor, and throwing it downstairs. Her body thuds violently, as the video in the television generates a thud-like sound. I look at the TV, shocked on the sight of Baylie now hung on a rope, standing her tiptoe on a bucket. Her hands are gripped on the rope, trying to take the rope off her neck. The torturer comes in and kicks the bucket away, leaving Baylie to hang up with the rope. I can't bear this anymore! Until...

She falls down on the floor. The rope appeared to be torn off. The torturer appears to be backing away from something, pulling out gestures of fear. Another person appears onscreen, holding a handgun. The torturer kneels down and covers the back of his own head, which looks like he is begging. The person shoots the torturer endlessly. Gunshots too loud. I can hear it from here and in the TV. After that, the person picks up Baylie's body and walks out of the TV's sight. After that, the broadcasting is done, and goes to a news channel.

As the news program soon came up, Marty started stabbing Tommie and Rico choking himself. I shouted, "Have you guys gone insane?!" They ignored me as they continue what they're doing. Right until a person wearing a thick leather coat with a girl on her arms come out of the kitchen. It's Baylie! She's safe!, I thought. The man put her down and pulls out a handgun then aims at us. I gasped and I went to take cover as the person starts shooting rapidly, hitting Marty, Tommie, and Rico in the process. The person still won't stop shooting. I guess he really wants every person dead.

I look around to find a gun, or anything that can kill that person. I found an old vintage flintlock pistol, loaded and ready to fire. I then come out of cover and start shooting at the person, but I missed six times, emptying the gun. "Shit." I said. I guess... this is the last time I'll live. I closed my eyes as my mind shows images of my whole life, most focused at Baylie. I guess I really love her... goodbye... Baylie...

1 hour later...

Sixteen teenagers have been reportedly murdered in San Atlanta Street an hour ago. The bodies were found in the entrance of Wrights' manor. The location is currently being investigated by the authorities. The people have speculated that the murderer was Daniel Wright, although he has already passed away two weeks ago. While the authorities were investigating, they found a woman - named Baylie Tiago - hiding in a room in the manor. The authorities has questioned her behaviour. However, they failed to get answers from the woman. Korina Wilkins, reporting.

Two hours later...

This just in! One of the teenagers - named Miguel Damon - has luckily survived a shot on the chest. However, his wounds are close to the head and he is currently suffering from amnesia. Koyouka Alter, the founder of Alter Incorporations, has been found to be the conductor of this killing game. This caused Alter Incorporations to be destroyed and their connections to the government are now broken. "I conducted this killing game because of my company falling! I had to because I'm losing profit!" Koyouka Alter's execution will take place three days from now.


"Honey... you awake yet?" A voice said. I open my eyes, Miguel suddenly appearing on my sight. "Hey, honey... I'm glad you're alive and well." I look around, everything is white, even Miguel's clothes are white. "Wh... what happened?" I asked. Miguel's smile turns into a sad expression. "I died, Bay. Someone saved you from the torture. I got killed by the person who saved you." I'm completely shocked.

I'm sorry, Miguel... I-I didn't mean to leave you...

It's okay, Baylie...

No it's not! I couldn't save you, I should've helped you...

At least you tried your best...

N-No! This is not acceptable!

Bay... I know you can't deal with this problem. But... just believe. I'll always be by your side. Always.

But... you're not gonna be...

Bay... I'm alive. Only the remains of me are dead. Right now, the real me won't be remember a single thing because the real me is suffering amnesia. I want you to know that.


Because I love you.

... I love you too, Miguel...

I... have to go now...

Don't leave me...

Bay... I'll always be by your side.


One year later...

Dear Diary,

It's been a while, right? It's been a year after I came out alive from Arthur's home. I can still remember them, my friends. I won't let my mind forget about them, especially Miguel. I kinda like the new Miguel, but I love the old Miguel. I still can't believe those things happened. I'm such a lucky person, but I feel really really bad for the others. Do I still have that panda sticker Miguel gave me when we first met? Yeah, I still do! I'll stick it on this section for now.

Well, sorry for keeping this diary section short, had to take care of work and stuff.

Well, g'bye! <3 Baylie

The end..... for now...

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