This is some quality pasta!
You are looking at a well-written and chilling story. Do not edit unless it needs to be done or you are the author.

*insert jokes about fake stories*

Part 1

I always play Minecraft every day,

But there is something strange today.

Red color flies across the sky

Something black in front of me.

Sunflowers are red, poppies are blue

There's something messing with the PC

Violently shake, the screen turns off.

Everything's in black, nothing in sight.

I fell into a black hole

And I will never come back.

Part 2

And then I died so quickly.

Respawned, I found myself standing tall

In a cage on lava pit.

Something said, "Have any last words?"

I found it in bloody red,

Corrupted skin, a bright red trail

Bleeding, hurting, and a red axe.

And again, a black screen appeared.

Distorted noise, run through my ears

Electric's gone, a red screen flashing.

Looks like a well, someone's climbing.

A figure came, ended my life.

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