Burnt Steve
i need to note this down

a thing happened on a server i shared with hyperstanners:

it was called gourmand and it did some weird stuff but that doesn't matter

Because i found something and i don't like it

the sighting part 1

so i see this thing on our skyblock server it looked pretty bad and i built a crappy house it was depressingly bad. A few of my items were gone so i blamed my friend because i thought it was her i had 3 friends on she said it wasn't her so i just shrugged it off. it was probably some kind of weird creepy pasta. so i left for a day and came back later only 1 other person was on his name was bubblegum777 we continued building towards other skyblocks and we finished i turned to see a explosion and a corpse i was shocked and ran towards the house then another explosion launched me upwards and i was disconnected

the sighting part 2

i don't know what happened so this is what he told me

he ran towards the house and just got in as an explosion happened behind him damaging him but he survived Just as an explosion happened behind him he crouched under the stair well. he stayed there but he heard a really weird sound i rejoined and found a person crouching under the stair well i assumed it was him so i left the house and saw my friend bubblegum777 and i asked what happened he didn't respond i assumed he was AFK and left him there. So i went back into the house to find the thing under the stairwell disappeared so i just continued collecting wood then i found a chest i assumed it was mine and i opened it i found a ton of wood and realized my last action was near pointless i took it and planted some saplings on the roof i came back downstairs and saw bubblegum777 off AFK and we went towards another skyblock Which was Based to look slightly like the end. so i built towards it and suddenly a explosion happened and i died in the void. I saw bubblegum777 running for a village which we had built, and he dissipated from another explosion i saw a dark figure unbeknownst to us he exploded some tnt in front of us so i began to dash back but an explosion stopped me. i turned around bubblegum made a bridge so i ran across it attempting to evade the attacker we made it to the village when he floated down in front of us i stared him in the eyes. the hole was behind me i got out my wooden sword he got out an iron one and i knew id screwed up but just before i hit him we appeared in a room in the village "blood" was on the floor and a skeleton skull was there as well with a sign which i cant really remember what it said but what i know was it said something about it coming back.  

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