NOTE: this is not my creation it is a well know myth like herobrine 303 green steve extra.

this is finally here minecraft on xbox

I was excited playing for almost a year my time alone on my computer starting up

and created a new world title at new world

clever huh after the world and wait patiently as the world loaded the chunks

of blocks the world came life as I ran straight to a tree

the game was on peaceful because that's how I like to build those damn creepers

blonde at my house - shit spits after about 15 minutes I had built a small

cave like house inside of him

I have a lot of the last one is a little waterfall to make it look

I was finished as much as I felt like doing for the day and decided to get

back in the block bit adventure around the seed morning

one came like 35 seconds is it usually goes more of my craft together though I

had marks at 24 torches seven blocks through

three saplings one and a half stone pickets

so far i took off around midday

walking with the cave story to rub together iron ore comes from coal

I just finished my last pigs I was ready to get back to you

so I use my bare hands take the dirt and wanted to piece it comes to hit next

it's all day light

daylight was left so I started walking around trying to find

assault case for and by smaller kids that led to know and my curiosity gets

the best so I want to check it out

I didn't have a pickaxe with me because I just felt like scoping out the cave

first one side of the cave I felt different already

maybe use the change in music it wasn't anything I've heard in the game before

usually it's just three songs constant playing it was darker and more pressin

ignoring creepy using have ventured into the key saw an underground waterfall and

few blocks of coal

I don't have would so I ran short on torches that wasn't able to make a

pickaxe button some reason I felt as if I need to go deeper into the dark case

I was dim down here and i can barely see where I last left my torch

I stared into the dark abyss of the music play

I saw something No

I saw someone down the cave man cave

this is terrifying access that close game and it was on peaceful so no

monsters could be creating it was female and the worst part of this always had

her texture or Skinner whatever didn't match anything on this game

my heart was pounding and i had to get the hell out of that cave

so I turned around and hopped up the stone steps the torches in front of me

broke off the wall and I wasn't hitting them

I wanted to look back to see if she was following me but I didn't because I was

afraid she really was following I hopped and ran

but the little block legs weren't fast enough so that was close to the eggs in

there was a small cave right next to where I needed to go and that's where

she stood

I stopped my heart was racing

I didn't turn off the game through my control and started panicking in my room

as she just stood there watching my character turning her head side to


observing him I've always felt connected to every game by playing I didn't want

the life with Steve character to sit and be analyzed by this thing so I grabbed

my controller turn to face the eggs and started off in that direction

it didn't follow me or stop me so I feel a little better knowing I was going to

get out of the situation all right

reach the exit and made it three blocks past the door when I heard the music

stopped the game started

which sharp hands to grab my character the screen flash red and I could hear

the characters voice grunt as if he was being hit my screen wont let me turn

around to see what's going on

Steve's ground became grills screams of pain

the menu came up saying you die the option to respond makes the game a quick

response we came back to life everything seemed ok

that is until I put the left and my heart sank

I was no longer steam valves to tennis player that usually second player plays

this one doing split screen

this guy was weird with this booty shorts and refused to play so exited the

game without saving

click new world

popped out in front of my house and then clicking the analog stick see Steve no


and then realized that whatever the thing was it took it

and I don't think he's ever coming back I still came and sat in my room quietly

for about an hour

I snapped out of my own mind and decided i need to block off that cave

I jump back into the new world and began to make wooden planks locate the

entrer locked it all up at the sign the red

do not enter cases cave

so I decided neighbor not sure why

with the skateboard up in the warning sign place i decided to continue

building elsewhere

but I knew for a fact i would never go back to that game

but, i had an idea, i would go back on that very world...

i loaded the world

i was nowhere near familiar turf, so i explored the new area...

i found a a door in a cliff wall, i entered the door and found a bedrock room.

the door closed, when i opened it the door was blocked by bedrock.

i turned around.

there was a new doorway, i opened it and beyond the door was the nether, i was confused.there was no

"loading nether" screen, just boom, instantly there.

i explored, i found an end portal. which is impossible in the nether.

i went in the end portal.

i have video footage of what happened next:[1]

the italic text heppens during the video.

i appearred in the overworld, in a normal cave. not cases cave

i found diamonds and mined them using a pickaxe.

then... realize i was trolling you since i said

"but, i had an idea, i would go back on that very world..."

the story beyond that was made up my me, LOL!