Null's Job Part 1 Null: (Goes to AlongCameJosh's house)

Null: Ugh... Why do I always have to build up signs with my name 4 times while I'm invisible?!

Null's boss: Because it is YOUR job to scare players!!

Null: Whatever (whispers) you son of a bitch..

Null's boss: Huh?

Null: Umm nothing??

Null's boss: Alright.

Null: (Remembering Last Year)

Null: Heh Heh Heh... I am gunna scare Josh SO good when he gets back to his house... (Use TNT and destroys Josh's house)

Null: Man, what happened last year was awesome..

Null: I wish I could destroy Josh's rebuilt house.

Null's boss: (Checks on Null)

Null's boss: How are we doing?

Null: Its fucking great thanks..

Null's boss: (Pulls up sign saying "U mad?" and quietly laughs)