I have recently started playing pocket edition, and heard about this 'entity 303'nonsense. laughing about how ridiculous it was, I started playing. as soon as I made a house, I brought out my wooden pick and went mining. right when I found coal, it changed to a command block style I had never seen before in any tutorials online. it was green, and there was a button on it. well, as a noob, I pressed it, and one word appeared in the chat, under the name 'passcode.z', saying to leave. naturally, this freaked me out quite a bit, and it didn't help when I instantly died. once I respawned, it said in the death messages 'SlashbladeX40 was slain by'. I knew it was supposed to say what killed me, so it was weird when it didn't say anything about it. three weeks later, when I had completely forgot about it and was on  full iron tools, and was out looking for wolfs to tame, I saw a figure that looked like a zombie, but had a gamertag that said 'passcode.z'. suddenly remembering where I had seen that name before, I decided it must be a hacker and pursued him. he punched me, weirdly freezing me in place. this is a record of what went on in the chat.

Me: why r you here? passcode.z: 2105-8910 then my game crashed. for some reason, I never can get on that world anymore. I try, but it always says I cannot connect. I also cant figure out what that player meant when he typed that message in. the only conclusion I can think of is that they were coordinates to teleport to. I haven't seen that guy sense, but I think I will see him again. something like that just doesn't happen and suddenly end, of course. I am posting this because I think that people can help me figure this out. I hope I can.