This is fake. Okay? Don't ever believe this is true. Please.

First Day

I woke up and rapidly got my new computer... Windows 10. I downloaded Minecraft because I was excited to play it! Like ohhh my god, my eyes are making tears of joy when it downloaded. I double-clicked Minecraft and played multiplayer.


I just found an I.P address for Mineplex! Oh my lord! Soooooooooooo excited! Woo-hoo! I clicked enter and I got into.. But something strange happened. I was teleported to a cave with strange voices here. I can't close or shut down, or force shut down, I was so scared that I can barely move! I saw a figure down a ladder where it came nowhere. I got down and I'm getting sweats faster! I saw a Steve with black eyes and black arms, then my game crashed.

Second Day

Holy Macaroni! I rapidly told my friends about that, and they didn't believe me. They also said lets Twitch with Minecraft, but suddenly I can't open my computer, then it flashed Jack's face (my friend) and my face, Amy's face (my friend too) and the figure I saw. I was creeped out and I got blacked-out.


Amy and Peter (my friend) decided to wake me up, and I told them that my computer was having a virus, then I saw a figure on the computer, I said don't look at the computer, but they did. Peter died from an accident when he tried to go run from the nearest police station, and I was creeped out now. He was brought to the hospital.. How.. un..satisfying..

Third Day

I went to visit Peter, but he was gone and saw blood on the hospital bed. We rapidly went out the hospital, and came back to my house. I told Amy and Jack to don't leave me here, and they didn't leave me. The computer flashed Peter's face, but dead. We panicked, and called the police.


The police told us what was happening, and here was our conversation.

Police: What's happening here?

Me: I don't know, Peter was gone, he had got to an accident and disappeared with blood on the hospital bed!

Amy: Yeah!!

Police: Ok, we'll see if we find the killer.

Jack: Phew, Please be safe, the figure's probably gonna kill one of us again..

Me: Yes, I'm definitely scared.

Police: We will. Don't worry.

Amy, Jack and me went to bed and didn't leave me alone. I opened my Windows 10 again and I said "Go suck an egg!"

 !Disclaimer Again!

This is freaking fake. Nobody believe this is true, this is just an own-made story! Ugh.

This is some quality pasta!
You are looking at a well-written and chilling story. Do not edit unless it needs to be done or you are the author.

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