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the Chciken10 was eating sum vanila ckoklateicecream made by the pspoopy skelten Skeleton32211.

<ckihkn 10> yum

but THEN SKELTINS gr8 cooking sumons tha grand butthoel hair of evil clothspins to spook the wiki

<the spoops wiki> ahh

<ckn10> u r guan rekt

ckisn 10 reks the dam thing and wins 1000000000000 soft serve ice creams

skelton is hapy

but WAHTS THIS??? the evil ethernet cable of emerging waters came out 2 playe!

<ckckckckcklckckkckchckchckchckn10 : > i weil maek u traped in miencraft 4ever

chcn 10 wins n gets traped

<chkn10> yee

but THEN OUT OF NOWHERE thatgayunityplugin's profile piktre caem out.

<gay profle picture> u weel dye

<kn10> no u die clothspin

chkn took out skeleton's 1201830219830219832901832901 km long epidermis to whack the fuck out of it