It was a Normal day of playing MCPE,I started out a new Survival World.The seed was 606,I thought it was weird but shrugged it off as a Bug. I Built a House quickly due to expirence,It was starting to become Night.I gathered some resources quickly just in case,as soon as the sun fully disappeared the Game crashed,I opened it again and my house was on fire the place where I put a sign saying 'home sweet home' said 'You did this' then the chat opened showing a text by myself saying 'Yes,I did' I was confused as I hadn't wrote anything,I changed to Creative and went inside the burning house,And I saw my player there,I wrote in chat 'Who are you?' The Copy replied 'I am You' I responded 'Tell me who you are or I will call the cops' The Copy responded 'I don't care' Then my game closed,I posted about this on Minecraft Forums,All replies just accused me of Copying Herobrine and 303,I send a Email to Mojang about this,they replied instantly '606 is here' I was confused,I then got a Email by a User named 606 They said 'Dont run to Mojang,I ain't any usual Hacker' I felt scared,I went to my PC and opened my PC Minecraft,I opened world selection,There was one world only,It was called Copy 123,I opened it,It was the same as my main world, except there was a Nether Portal,As soon as I tried to move I noticed a Name Tag,606 It was had my skin,as soon as I opened Chat,it disappeared,It left a few signs,They red 'The Daughter of Mojang,The Queen of Mojang' 'The Daughter was Adopted,went missing, never found' 'Woke in game,found father,he not remember me' 'Promised to Haunt,Promised to Hack,Promised to Kill' "I am Copy 606" I saw a new skin join with the name of 606 again The game then closed,It closed almost instantly so I couldn't get a picture,it was a female though,I never forgot what she said and the signs she left Every night I hear a female voice tell me the story on the signs again,it's terrifying