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One day I was returning from the mine. Everything was normal until the blood began to fall from the sky. It was morbid, but I walked into my house or not that things were not normal, it was all bloody ...
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I'm seen a secret hole in house, I get into it. This is been a basement, of course bloody but I'm seen a severed head and bloody knife.When I've seen enough of all these bloody things fell into unconsciousness.I thought I had a heart attack but no.

When I regained consciousness I found myself in a large saucepan. I could not run away because they were around the grid. The water was hotter and hotter.

And finally I woke up in my bed and my normal house. But on my desk was a piece of paper that written: I need your soul ... 666. And my computer is turned off so I can't turn it on. I write this from my phone. This is end... 

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