This is a classic!
This is a well-known pasta. Plot changes should not be added until information has been released by the author.

Ever since minecraft creepypasta wiki was created there were good creepy stories trolls such as me hated.

Suddenly it changed all after the trollpasta called:the nipple monster,was made.

Ever since that people could not stop trolls and vandals from coming and spreading vandalism all over.But some of this wiki most popular fags and wikia contributors decided to declare the war against the trollers and vandals(the good ones).Each one was different.

Trollers are smart and troll people with something like Rickroll and other dumb videos.

Vandals were fierce and rampant.They would destroy fine work with immense powers,and were smart.

The main leader of dark side(my side) was this first trollpasta.I was on dark side.

The light side had a wikia creator Lifeupstudios and a few other people

After some time of evil spreading around the wikia some people fought for the epic fail and sucking of wiki.This changed the history of this wikia.On one mission of good side the bad wikia contrubitors helped a rickroller who helped in trolling.When the bad contrubitors helped him he said:O RLY? He got powers soon after that.

Several months later the good side was easily crushed by most of trolls and vandals into ashes.Their last survivors were easily beaten .90% percent of them were trolled so hard they died.But few managed to lick this beast and nipple monster got powers of Chuck Norris.He made the gate to the land of trolls and vandals.The good ones were banished and never came back.Near the gate there is a message near the pedestal:

"Ignore the good side,join the bad side- the nipple monster!"

thuogh after the longer struggle and two of the wikis bloodist fueds its over the trollpasta are gone a battle that plaged the wiki nearly from begiunning to end is over.


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