Most of you know about the wolves of Minecraft. Cuddly little creatures, aren't they? Well, you couldn't be more wrong. These wolves couldn't be more terrifying. At least, in corrupted worlds, they are terrifying.

The year is 2015, the day: April 15th. Exactly 720 days ago. I hadn't been on Minecraft since the Redstone update released. Most of my worlds were corrupted, but I didn't care. A world called "Puppy" intrigued me, as I didn't remember creating it, but I hadn't been on for about two years, so it was understandable. The world loaded like normal and I appeared in a regular wooden house, no fancy roof and no wool for carpeting. There were many wolves in this house, though. They were all tamed.

As I fed them, hearts poured into the air like wind blasting through furnaces. However, one of these dogs was a bit too gray. I stared at it for a while, then determined it was a glitch. I carried on outside, but was surprised to see a sign, displaying nothing but the word "dog."

Still, I sauntered down some stone paths I had made before. I heard walking behind me. I saw something that looked like a player, and just stared. It looked like it had a default skin. Suddenly, a message popped in the chat.

<D0G> Would you like to play with my friends?

I decided to respond.

<Placeh0ld3r> Who the hell are you?

<D0G> I am a dog tamer! I tame dogs...

<Placeh0ld3r> Why are you in my world?

<D0G> You left, I was here right when you started this world. I thought it was my duty when you never played again.

I pressed tab, but this thing didn't pop up.

<Placeh0ld3r> What are you?

<D0G> I...

<D0G> I am a dog tamer!

<Placeh0ld3r> No, what are you?

<D0G> ...


<Placeh0ld3r> What the fuck are you?

<D0G> I am the animal that lives in your home

<D0G> Inside the kennel

<D0G> I am a DOG


I began hearing scratching on my door in real life. I looked through the window to see a dog. It was foaming at the mouth and looked to be insane. I went in my garage and grabbed one of my father's handguns, and I heard the door break open and hit the ground. I heard four paws beating on the ground, and it turned in the garage door. I shot it, but the dog didn't die. I shot it again, again, again...

The dog's blood splattered on the ground and it finally hit the cold, hard concrete.

I decided to delete all my old worlds. I then deleted Minecraft.