Hello and it is DarkCraftGaming here! This is my first creepypasta so dont hate! Thanks!!!!!

Hello. I am Jake. I dont know where to start or how to tell you what happened but I will try. You see, one day I was surfing the web for games like any other player would and I came across a website called owned by a company called DarkWorlds. It looked like a pretty legit website so I downloaded a game from there called Darkcraft.exe. It was a pretty big download so for the first 2 hours I watched youtube videos. When it eventually downloaded I opened it up and started to play. It then took me to the title screen. It was a pretty weird title screen as it had a picture of a dark version of slenderman and herobrine. I clicked the play button and it loaded up with really gory pictures of steve in a pool of realistic looking blood. Then it showed up with some gory herobrine jumpscaring me. I tried to exit but it wouldnt work. I even tried Ctrl+Alt+Del but it still didnt work. I decided I had to force shut it down so I held the power button and it shut down. It scares me when I force shutdown as I think my computer wont boot up again. This time it didn't load up. I started to cry cause it had cost me a lot of money to get my computer. Then it loaded up with a cmd module kind of thing. "Trying to get rid of me?", it showed up. "You will never get rid of me :D". "Yes I will!", I said and I forced shut down again. This time it loaded with the normal Acer loading screen. I was happy it was gone but it had still put my background to a dark backround. I emailed the owner of the company, DarkRazorWarrior but only to be emailed back with a creepy reply. "You will never get rid of DarkCraft.exe.....".

Thanks for looking at this page! Hope you enjoyed and I will be making a second version of this soon. :D Also do not try going to or try searching up Darkworlds as they never really existed!