NOTE: This isn't real, i was bored and i made a Crappypasta.

Day One

So, one day i played some Minecraft PC with my brother. It was all fun and all that, until a player called Oshi joined. We tried and tried to kick him, but nothing really worked. So i called him and asked him what was going on. He didn't really know so i just looked up what was happening to our server. Again, no one knew.

Day Two

Something appeared on my computer: A notepad saying "I'MCOMING" over and over, in bold. I told my brother and he told me to delete it, So i did. I got on MC and i played on 1.7.10 because i had all my modded worlds on there. Everything was deleted. I cursed and found another notepad saying "DONTIGNORE" and i deleted it again and went to bed. I dreamed of blood and everyone i knew and loved being killed.

Day Three

After that horrible dream, i decided to play on the PS3 version, what i saw was worse. Everything sign saying "LASTCHANCE" and I told my brother to get on. and figure out what was going on. a few minutes after him getting on that Oshi person was on the same world, i texted the Oshi person and said "What do you want?" Oshi replied "SLEEP" And thats all i can remember. Oshi is still watching me, i can feel it.

(Sorry it's short and crappy, its my first one. Hopefully i can make another one.)