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Everyone knows the scenario. A server on Minecraft, doesn't matter if it is a public server for any players, or just a private server for a few friends to have fun. However, either the original hype died down and the players left, or the friendship died down or they stopped playing Minecraft. And so the server became deserted. The owner realized that it was pointless, and so they deleted the server files and disabled the server. What next?

The deleted files do not disappear immediately. They are still on the PC, but they are invisible. The first character is just replaced with an unknown, and the directory to the files is gone. Unless the person downloads more stuff and the files overwrite the server files, they are still there.

But the files are not just on the PC.

They are also somewhere else.

Some people call it the "information void". Some call it the "file void". Or just name it "the void". That is where permanently deleted files go. The files that were overwritten. The files that were hard-deleted in the past. 

The files that are not permanently deleted, are halfway there. But they are basically exposed to anything in there.

What is there? Random files, documents, images, videos, and more. But even things that were hard-deleted on purpose. It could be normal things. Or it could be... other things. Viruses. Child pornography. Or even cyberentites that... think.

And all of these can connect and assimilate with the half-deleted files.

So what is the reason for this? Why did I write this? It is because I want to warn people. If you delete your server files, and want to recover them back... think again. The chance is very small, but it is there. And once again, it could just be random videos, but it could be disgusting stuff like child porn, or even things that were banished there because... they are dangerous. And sentient. And these could be in your Minecraft server afterwards. And spread further.

So think again people. And if you do, you might reconsider the decision to recover your server files.