Reports have been said that this disease had been active since May 17, 2009. The disease is shown to be very similar to paranoia, but it is largely different from its meaning. Reports have been said that the disease may be coming from a video game, however, it is said by the critics that some silly game won't cause such great epidemic as of now. We are now calling Professor Aschwalch Schrapnel to further explain this disease. Yes, Professor?

"We currently called this disease, er... Paranoid X, for now."

"Professor Aschwalch, can we ask, why does such disease spread at a rapid rate?"

"Let me break down what the disease is first; a mental disorder characterized by paranoia, except it-- *cut*"

"... it seems our line with the Professor has been cut off. Let's try calling him again."


Okay, so let's try that again later. Reports have said--


What's going on?

*gunshots, people in the news studio yelping*

Oh god! No no! RUUUUNN--!


... the disease is a form of extended periods of distrust to oneself. It is far worse than paranoia itself. The disease is tied with a video game myth, the so-called Herobrine. Diagnosis of the disease sparks at the fear of the patient. Symptoms include extended amount of time of fear of the myth, malignant and sadistic personalities, addiction with bloodbathing, and frequent taking-care-of stuffed animals and toys.

Thank you, and have a nice day. Simply put, hope you die :)