I saw him. His white eyes glowed in the cave. It was terrifying, yet beautiful.

Is there still good in this world?

Outside it was dark and rainy. I got stuck in the storm and had to take refuge here.

I cannot be certain of your return.

The mysterious monster came out of the shadows. Yet it wasn't who I expected.

How long will it be before he shall rise again?

The girl came out. I recognized the skin instantly. Alex. This was not Herobrine.

Mistakes keep the universe alive.

A low voice bounced of the walls of the cave. "En. Ir. Boreh."

It was for such a short time.

I started at it. It was amazing. Something nobody had ever seen before.

Understand the meaning.

I couldn't move. I was stuck, staring into the eyes of a beautiful creature.

The sun and the moon rose together one day.

It seemed to smile; I smiled back.

Without you, the world will die; without you, the world will live.

Nothing more was said. I got my legs to move and ran out of the cave.

The meaning is useless. It is never coming back.

I never saw it again.

The White Eyes are not real. Do not trust them.

This is the last time.