ERR0R 404

ERR0R 404

So, let me start by explaining a few things. My name is Stanners. I have a few friends - Josh, Dave and Billy. We all like Minecraft. ERR0R 404 does not.


Josh was coming for a sleepover at mine, and Dave was going to Billy's. We were going to have a 2v2 PvP game. When we were all ready and on Dave's server, he teleported us about 200 blocks away. There was a glowstone pillar in between us so we knew where to find each other. We spent about half an hour gathering materials but then we got ambushed by Billy. He killed Josh but I killed him and fought Dave who came in. Josh grabbed his sword from the pile of items and killed Dave right before I died. But the messages in the chat were really weird. They said:

JoshDaBoss was killed ERR0R 404 Billyboy123456

Billyboy123456 was ERR0R 404 by HyperStanners

Xx__DavPlayzMC__xX ERR0R 404 by JoshDaBoss

It was kind of weird. We thought it was a glitch so we went back to PvP. After a while, a few blocks started changing textures but kept properties - a torch looked like a lever even though it still glowed. We were curious by now. Josh and I charged Dave and Billy's base but as we faced off, something glowed between us. An explosion that destroyed no terrain - a shockwave - blasted us backwards. We ran, each thinking it was a trap by the other team. Josh and I charged towards the glowstone tower. But as we watched, the glowstone went out. It still looked like glowstone but the glowing bits were dull and dark. We turned around and saw Dave and Billy charging to us. But they couldn't reach us. A forcefield, like the one you get at the world border, appeared in front of them and they started burning if they touched it. They could not get through it. Four more borders sprung to life around us, closing in on us. Me and Josh were backed in together. Dave suddenly appeared burning besides us. He rang us over Skype and said that enderpearling could get you through it. None of us had enderpearls and Dave had no more. We angrily yelled at him for not teleporting away from the forcefield but he protested, saying that the forcefield changed the direction of his enderpearl. We were hemmed in back to back as the forcefield closed in. Billy called us and he sounded scared. We looked at him and watched as the forcefield closed in on him, mashing him between them and suffocating him. He died and this came up in chat:


Billy suddenly screamed and disconnected from both the game and the Skype call. Dave shouted there was a ripping sound and an inhuman shriek. We heard Billy retch and Dave fall over and this creature buzz like a killer wasp. Me and Josh were screaming at Dave and Billy to run, come to my house. Then we heard Dave's computer smash so he disconnected from Minecraft and Skype. Me and Josh freaked.


Dave arrived at our house two minutes later. I dont know how he managed it because he was puffing like he ran and Billy's house was at least twelve minutes away.

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