Emo Stalker

Albino Stalker's rival...

See Albino Stalker first.


Agh...this is Stanners. I'm locked in a room. I don't know where. I have my laptop here! so...yeah. Wait, wait! Someone's at the door! No, two people! The door's unlocked! 

A boy, wiry, with dirty blond hair and flint-grey eyes. Kiran stumbles into the room.

Sheesh, what is HE doing here? He uses my Minecraft account in return for doing my homework for me. But when did...did...he get...TORN?

"Stanners!" Kiran sags against the wall. "When did Albino Stalker get you?" 

"Me? He just nabs me from Party Zone, saying I betrayed him. Then," I gulp, "He crashes through the window and knocks me out."

Suddenly, the door opens. Albino Stalker sounds there.

He's pale, with spiky white hair and rose eyes. He isn't very tall, but still somewhat lanky. He's dressed in a white toga with a beige sash.

"Ready?" He asks in his soft voice. Behind that emotionless mask lies a madman.

Suddenly, someone slamns into Albino Stalker, knocking him off his feet. Albino Stalker throws him into the wall, but this stranger comes back with a snarl. They start flipping around, blocking attacks from each other.

This new stranger has raven hair and coal-black eyes. His left ear has a golden hoop hanging from it, and his fingers are covered with rings and bangles. He wears a dark blue bodysuit with silver streaks and black boots.

Albino Stalker kicks him down the stairs.

"That is the Emo Stalker. His name is Enzo." Albino Stalker says, turning to us.

"Janson!" Emo Stalker wraps an arm round Albino Stalker's throat. Albino Stalker bends over, flipping Emo Stalker to the ground. Emo Stalker sweeps Albino Stalker's legs from under him, then graps and launches him when he falls.

"Run!" Emo Stalker snaps at us. His voice has an edge to it, but isn't as deep as I expected. Me and Kiran obey and sprint down the stairs.

Downstairs, one large room greets us. The door is at the far end, but between us and it, a massive office greets us. We do not focus on it, but avoid and dodge it all.

We burst from the building. It seems to be a tower block. I wonder how Albino Stalker got it. 

"Where can we go? We can't go home, they know where we live!" Kiran starts panicking. "This is terrible!" 

"Wait." I say, sprinting back into the building. I rummage around in drawers and find about five hundred quid.

"Go!" I shout at Kiran. We run, a figure smashing out the window after us. I don't know if Albino Stalker - Janson - was intending to chase us, or if Emo Stalker - Enzo? - threw him out. Probably both.

We hail a taxi and go a few miles. We rent a hotel room and buy two new laptops (that's how I can type this), and try to settle on a plan.

"Is Emo Stalker on our side?" Kiran asks.

"I don't know." Enzo helped us, but he seems spiteful and vicious. I don't trust him yet.

"Well, what should we do?"

"We need to tell the police."

"Are you mad?"

We decide to use our new cheap laptops only to monitor strange stuff. Janson seems to be able to track our activity...

Kiran went off and I crashed out on the sofa. Before I could sleep, something cracked me in the side of the head.


Kiran here. I went to take a shower (don't worry no details shall be revealed) and when I dressed and came out, Stanners lay on the ground, unconscious. I run to him.

Emo Stalker drops from the ceiling onto me.

I collapse under his weight. He starts punching me and I block my head as best as I can, but the punches are getting through. I hear something crack in Emo Stalker's hand, but he grunts and switches to palm shots. 

Stanners tries to kick him in the side of the head, but he's groggy and only sort of nudges Enzo's head with his foot. Enzo grabs his foot, gets up and swings him around to crash on top of me.

I wake up later - I don't know how much later - tied to a chair in my apartment. I'm so such of being imprisoned. I hear Stanners groan behind me and release that we're tied back-to-back. 

"Do you know why you're here?" Enzo asks. I can't see him.

"Janson needs victims. In order to survive, he must eat souls."

"He took yours but when he decides on victims, he has to use them. No switching. In order to survive he needs you to die. That is why he is hunting you so feverishly."

"How did you get here first?" I ask. I don't think I'm going to like this answer.

"Janson is on his way, don't you worry. He was delayed. I impaled him with a lamppost."

How is that possible?

"And now..." Enzo leans into me. "I need to defeat him." His eyes change from coal-grey to ebony. "So I need more power." I hear a pop as his jaw dislocates. "I'm going to have to eat your soul."

A claw comes out of his mouth, getting sucked to my chest. I scream as my consciousness is leeches out of me. Stanners rocks the chair and I fall on my face, but the claw doesn't loosen. I can't scream - can't speak at all - or see now. I can't hear, or feel the blood pumping from my nose.

I am not aware of the katana going through the back of Enzo, or the glowing machete that slices the claw in half. I find out later that a slender figure with dyed hair of rainbow stripes and a brightly coloured tracksuit did both of these things.

I lose awareness altogether.

There's nothing.

To be concluded...