This is a classic!
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I don't have much time. None of us do.

Everybody knows that if you search through the interwebz for a long time, you will see some weird sh!t. Everybody uses from Level 0-2, as demonstrated on this useful support material, but I decided to use a proxy and head straight to Level 3. It was after an hour when I came across a website called site no longer exists). Basically, it was a pretty weird streaming website, featuring videos of people playing banned games and such. I thought, hey, nothing to do, so I just commented on it (you don't need to sign in, it uses your IP). A few days later I received an email which said:

Subject: 3ndCr4f7


Dear 69.19.567.69

Thank you for showing interest in our website. I am RazorPlus, the chief administrator of, and I would like you to go on this website, Pass it on, for the good of mankind. No proxy needed!


So I decided to go on it. It was a website for cracked games, and the highest rated game, along with most viewed and most downloaded, was called EndCraft. So I downloaded it. It was a plugin for Minecraft, a game that I sometimes play, and it was in version Beta 6.6.6, which I found a bit peculiar. So I added the mod, started Minecraft and created a world. The game was very bad, with sh!tty graphics and countless glitches. After five minutes, I was taken to a picture of Herobrine with his arms cut off, surrounded in a pool of photo-realistic blood. I deleted it, went on some forums and saw that numerous other users had seen the game. After a day or two, all the threads were deleted, and and taken down. I tried to make another thread, but I was banned. People found out that RazorPlus is a serial killer with a razor and chicken leg. He is still at large.

I've been hearing groaning around the house. Me and my friends have got weapons and we're ready. I went on some forums and heard that an unknown hacker had traced people's IP addresses. My cursor seemed to move on it's own and I knew that somebody had hacked me. We can see it clearly. A person, drowned in blood with hollow eyes, a chicken leg and a razor. RazorPlus is here! He was probably the one who hacked me! We have our weapons ready. Oh no...*static*