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So you may have read Endcraft.exe. If you did, remember how the website was taken down? Well here's the thing: IT'S BACK.

It was late, and my friend and I were up livestreaming. There were a lot of people, and after an hour or so, a guy named rayzrX joined. All he did was say: 'hello' and then leave.

After another hour I received an email from that guy. It went like this:

Subject: gaming website


Date: 02:37



hello there. i am one of the admins of a gaming website, along with xX_420_MLGBlazeItNoScope_360_xX and silent-12345. come to the website. it is called go there pleezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


So I was like, heck, why not. The website looked like, but I didn't care. The top rated, most viewed and most downloaded was 'FeaazyXtSMIZZgzi9XDFrqP2WG56JgyUqPN1i4/0oac='. I knew it was encrypted text, but I didn't bother to decrypt it. It was a mod for Minecraft, in version Alpha 9.67, and it only was 2.39MB.

It started out normal. I started up the game and created a world. I remembered I was still streaming but I didn't want to stop. Once the world generated, the lag and glitches started to kick in. It was so laggy that it took 1 whole second to move a single block, and there were countless glitches. After five minutes or so, the lag and glitches somehow disappeared. After surviving one night, the game crashed, exited and was replaced with a picture of Herobrine, lying in a pool of blood with his arms pulled off and Null with a large hole in his chest. Just when I was going to exit, it turned into a GIF of the Grim Reaper burning TheRedSteve into a crisp, then he did the same for yraniB. Straight afterwards, my computer restarted. I decrypted 'FeaazyXtSMIZZgzi9XDFrqP2WG56JgyUqPN1i4/0oac=' and it came up with 'Endcraft.exe'. I was like, oh crap, it's back, and I figured out that 'rayzrX' was actually RazorPlus. Google Chrome crashed and I deleted the file.

A day afterwards, I made a forum thread about the website and it gained attention. Somebody must have heard about it and taken action, because all threads about it were deleted. I tried to make more, but I got banned from the forum. I made another account and stopped making threads about it. The website was taken down, and I heard the authorities found rayzrX AKA RazorPlus. Endcraft.exe will never come back.