Hello there. My name is John. You may have heard of 'Endcraft.exe'. If you Didn't then, oh well. It's anot a very well known pasta, but I found it. I contated the writer, SCP-Deadlock, and I told him I found Endcraft too, so he is writing down the story.

It was a dark and stormy night, and my friend Lucas ( we live together xD)and I were surfing the web. Everything was fine, watching some jacksepticeye and stuff while eating pizza, but then I recieved a message from a person named RazorPlus666. It said: Hello there. go on a website called . pass it on for the good of mankind, So I went on it. Lucas was watching jacksepticeye, as he loves his videos. Turns out it was a website selling cracked games. I looked around and I realised that it also offered banned games as a free download. I clicked 'Top Rated' because why not, just go and find some high quality games. For some reason, it started me at the bottom. I scrolled up and there were games like Geometry Dash Steam Version (Updatable) and Manhunt, but the one that caught my eye was 'Endcraft'. I clicked it and it turned out to be Top Rated, Most Viewed and Most Downloaded. It was a mod for Minecraft, and it was in Beta 2.1.1. I thought to myself, hey, this must be some good shit! Obviously, I downloaded it.

I started up Minecraft and loaded up a world. For some reason, the world was very laggy, had rubbish graphics and countless glitches. I managed to survive a night, and then Minecraft crashed. I was taken to a picture of Herobrine lying in a pool of blood with his arms cut off. Just before I was about to close the window, the picture turned into a GIF of the Grim Reaper doing the Scorpion classic fatality on 303 and the Sub-Zero classic fatality on Null. The window closed automatically and Minecraft reopened. The sla text was replaced was '444945'. I opened up and it came up with 'DIE'. I was chilled to the bone. So I went on some forums to see if anybody had seen the game. There was nobody, so I made a thread about it. Over the next hour, there were over 5 threads posted about this.


RazorPlus has never been found. The threads were deleted and the website where I got it from was deleted. I checked my antivirus and there were no viruses. I deleted the mod and I never mentioned it again, until a person called SCP-Deadlock was looking for people who had played it. For some reason, Lucas thinks I was watching static, but I'm not too sure. Real or not, I hope that nobody will try to revive

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