After my last occurrence, I was playing on my server, I saw EnderKurt again that day, he got into my server which was inactive for months. But this time he talked in chat.

Hello player

Kurtwyldemadden Hello?

Long time no see friend

Kurtwyldemadden Who are you?

You know who I am

Kurtwyldemadden I thought I blocked you, how did you get here, this server has been inactive

This is my server now Kurt.

Kurtwyldemadden How do you know my name?

Because I own you

Kurtwyldemadden wait what?

I, EnderKurt will control Minecraft

Kurtwyldemadden not if i can stop it

Whats wrong friend

You scared now?

Kurtwyldemadden I beat you once I can do it again

I threw an Ender Pearl at him but since he was related with all things Ender it didnt work, I ran at him at hit him with my sword, it didnt do much but he talked in chat again

Why are you trying to kill me friend?

Kurtwyldemadden Your fake!!

You dont believe in me?!

Kurtwyldemadden Your probably a hacker!

He flew up into the sky and he said

I am not a hacker, I am real, no one can defeat me

I will see you again

and then he left.

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