Note, this is my second Creepypasta


Only grammarfixes are appriecitated

Yesterday something really creep happened:

I was just back from school, i opened my PC and started minecraft, the launcher appeared, i started, and did go on my own server, i was just building something, then it said:

Entity-0 joined the game

i tought, just a guy who wants to name himself Entity-303, but it wasnt possible so he did Entity-0.

Then something Strange happened, i will show the chat:

[User] Entity-0: Im just a fault

[Owner] DevilHacker: ???

[User] Entity-0: Jeb_ did this to me

[Owner] DevilHacker: What do you mean?

[User] Entity-0: He will PAY for it

I wanted to write: Guy i ban you if you dont stop, and i would, but it said:

You are Banned!

Date: 5-2-2017

By: Entity-0

Reason: This is just the begin...

Of course i wanted to open the panel, but before i could, MC crashed, the Error Log:


I got to internet and searched for someone else who had the same:

This was his post:


Today i saw a strange guy Named Entity-0 joining my server, he said stuff like jeb did this to me and im fault, anyone else exprienced this bug/error/what it is?
I commented i had the same (in PM)

Í added him on Skype, and skyped him,

i said:

Me: Hey

Him: Hey

Me: Lets go look if Entity-0 is on your server rn

Him: Ok

i tried to reopen Minecraft after, it worked, only 1 strange thing, it said version 0.0

I just tried it, thinking they were working on the Entity-0 error.

When i started, Realms, And Singleplayer were locked, strange, i tought.

I just clicked multiplayer, because i tought Entity-0 was a glitch in Singeplayer and realms and multiplayer,

i tought they uninfected multiplayer, anyways, i clicked on multiplayer, and it showed 1 server, named, Your last hope.

The server icon was a face of the Entity-0 skin. all the options were locked, expect join server, i tried to go back, but even that didnt work, so i decided, it might end if i join, when i clicked join, i realized, it is so bad i did that, but good.

I joined, spawned in a parkour map? something like that, but lets contineu.

Me: Whats this?

Helpme: The server of Entity-0?

Entity-0: This is your last hope, you have 24 hours to reach the end of this parkour, otherwise you will have a problem.

Me: What does he mean?

Helpme: Lets do the parkour, i dont want to know what he means

Me: Ok

So we tried the parkour, i said to my mom i had to do some schoolwork midnight, she understanded. i didnt want her to be worried about this, the parkour was extremly hard, i wanted to cry when i spended 12 hours on it and i only got trough 25%. 12+12=24=25%x2=50%, i had to get 48 hours in order to complete this, i cried, Why, why me. At 18 hours i had 75%, phew, maybe i can get this.

Helpme: im at 50%, i cannot beat this, call the police if i cannot get this and he does something to me

Me: Ok.

At 20 hours Entity-0 came online

Entity-0: How much procent you guys are?

Devilhacker: im at 95%

Entity-0: Good, you can beat this, and you, HelpMe?

HelpMe: 888880% s-ss-sir

I saw he was so scared

Entity-0: im not sure if you can get this, and remember, if you dont beat the parkour...

Then he left

I heard HelpMe screaming and crying on skype

Me: Easy guy, i help you, dont give up, everything will be fine.

at 23 hours, he came online again

Entity-0: How much procents u guys beat?

Devilhacker: 99% Sir

HelpMe: 99%

Entity-0: ill be vieuwing everything you do from now, ill warn you when time is over.

Whe contineud Skyping:

HelpMe: Thanks, you saved my life

Me: No probs

1 hour later

Entity-0: TIME IS OVER

Entity-0: U guys got 100%?

Me and HelpMe: Yes sir

Entity-0: Good job, but this is not the end...

Me and HelpMe: what do you mean?

Entity-0: You guys have to PVP

Entity-0: A fight between life and dead, the winner can leave this place save, and will never meet me again,

Entity-0: However, the loser will stay here and will see/do terrible things...

Back to Skype:

HelpMe: I cant pvp

and he cried again

Me: Tell him we need to rest cuz we didnt sleep

And so

Helpme: Entity-0, can we first sleep, we didnt sleep in the past 24 hours

Entity-0: okay, 12 hours, no longer...

Back to Skype:

Me: Ill report this to the police

HelpMe: Ok

And so i did, i got to sleep

4 Hours before deadline:

I heard a bleep, the police responded:

Dear (My real name),

We have exprienced a report like this earlier, Jeb had to do this to with notch, they patched MC so they could leave. Try to search who this is, ask him for information, we help you then.


I joined the server, or better said: My PC did.

We came in a arena, on a throne, you saw sitting Entity-0

Entity-0: This fight, will change your whole life, or you die, or you will never meet me again.

Giant letters apaired in my screen (the /title command)


For live and death! @@@

it scared the shit out of me.

HelpMe won, he didnt sleep, he installed wurst and used TP-Aura, Entity-0 Didnt care

Entity-0: HelpMe, you can close MC, and get to normal MC with your old servers

Entity-0: DevilHacker, you will PAY for what jeb did.



I heard him crying

Helpme: Im sorry Im sory, i dont want problems :'(

He disconnected, nice.

Entity-0: Lets have some fun DevilHacker

I heard a scary music playing randomly while my sound was off

Entity-0: -Site-

The reason why i didnt write the link, is because you would never sleep again if you saw it.

DevilHacker: I reported you at the police, Game over..

Entity-0: The police wont find me, i dont exist

DevilHacker: What do you mean?

Entity-0: im a fault made by jeb, a bug, i was to strong, i wanted to let him Pay and tried the same with me, but he patched minecraft and i couldnt get him here anymore, so i tried with other MC players in the hope jeb would hear it and would go in their place.

DevilHacker: Well, im a skilled hacker, but i cant hack MC, ill remove you rn if you dont stop

Entity-0: Encrypting Documents.......

DevilHacker: DONT, DONT TRY THAT!!!


He was trying to download Ransomware!!!

Entity-0: 99% encrypted

DevilHacker: I remov

My PC didnt do anything, i forced it off, and got back on it.

A red screen appeared.

it looked:


I His face I



You'd better buy a new pc


You Cannot Pay

After that i told everything to my Mom, i said the Gopolice was already up-to-date. She said, omg. I Never started the PC once again, and bought a new one.

If you ever exprience it, dont join that server, first make sure u can parkour/pvp pretty good.


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