After the incident with Avaj, (see my first pasta) I bought my new computer and got as many anti-virus scanners as I could. Then I installed Minecraft and created a new survival world. For about a week everything was normal until, I found a lot of crosses in the dirt, some were filled with lava. Then I remember watching Ragelixrs 3 am videos and realize what those crosses mean. So I logged off and went to bed. I woke up at, you guessed it, 3 am. I logged on to my world and found a lot of lava source blocks around my house. Then somebody was watching me from behind a spruce tree. They had a glitchy, messed up Steve skin which was no way similar to Avaj. (Avaj was entirely black with glowing eyes) I wandered up to them and said hi. It responded with, "I am coming." After that my game froze and I logged off. I opened my world to realms and my friends joined. They built houses with me. Cooper went to get a coke can. When he came back he said someone griefed his home. I didnt do it Nethier did Lincoln. We knew nobody else was on the server apart from us. Then we saw a tall structure made of netherack on a tree. My friend used flint and steel to light it up and when he did the server randomly crashed and sent us to the title screen. I reopened the server and my friends joined. We spawned near a desert temple made of netherrackwith fire around it. We knew someone was screwing with my server. I went into the temple and there was that same entity that froze my game. I shot him with my bow and it did nothing he just stood there. Then he lit everything on fire and exploded the world. The server and all my single player worlds were corrupted. I looked at the code and there was a new entity, entity.3012453. I was scared for my computer when suddenly it began breaking. Everything became glitchy and all files were replaced with crash reports. I smashed the computer and used my backup instead.

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